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PC refuses to boot - Video card problem?

By Rascalous ยท 4 replies
Feb 2, 2005
  1. Hello,

    a few days ago, I tried to boot up my PC but it just refuses to do so. All the fans work fine, the LEDs on the drives light up as normal, but nothing is displayed on the monitor at all. In fact, the LED on the monitor changes from green to orange and stays that way not long after switching it on. The HDD LED stays on for maybe 20 seconds or so, then goes off, and nothing else happens.

    I get no beep codes (or any beep at all for that matter). Just to test that POST is being started at all, I removed my RAM, and started the system up and was greeted by the no memory beep code. I tried the same thing by removing my video card (AGP), but the system acted just the same as if it were still there.

    So far I've tried removing the battery and resetting the BIOS, and I've checked the PSU and the wall socket for voltage. I'm 80% sure the problem is my video card, but I would really appreciate any input. Video cards are expensive where I live and even getting another card just to test with might be difficult.
  2. Craigger

    Craigger TS Rookie

    Similar Problem

    I'm sorry, I don't have a solution for you. I have run into the same problem recently. The other day I could not get my system to boot up at all. After trying many different things, I replaced the power supply. Thankfully, that solved my problem. I used the computer that evening for at least 2-3 hours and then left the system running over night. When I woke up in the morning, the system was in that state that you described (monitor led yellow, system and fans running, but seemingly in a low power mode). When I power on the system I get that same state every time. I tried another new power supply and got the same result. If you find a solution, please post it. Good luck to you, and thanks to anyone who can help us out.
  3. Rascalous

    Rascalous TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I tried my video card in another system, and it seems to be working. I reseated my CPU, and now on every warm boot, I get the memory error code (cold boot still has no beeps). I'm going to try my RAM stick on another PC.
  4. Rascalous

    Rascalous TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hey Craigger, I just checked my RAM in another PC and guess what? No boot.

    I suppose (hope) that solves my prob. I need new RAM :)

    Test your memory and see what happens.
  5. Darkside

    Darkside TS Rookie

    I Got The Same Problem ...and resolved it tooo :)


    I got the same problem as mentioned here. and finally got it resolved..Hence i thought of giving u guys a brief on what could cause this problem.

    * Check whether the monitor is working fine by connecting it to another system...

    * check for the video card by doing the same ( replacing it in a working PC,) If u have an onboard VGA then u dont have to worry about it.

    * The RAM has to be in a working condition.. u may check it by using it in another PC ( of course plz remove the RAM which is currently been used in the working PC and BOOT it with only the RAM from the not working PC). If it works fine then u can come to a conclusion that ur RAM is good.

    * Now let us have a check by removing the battery and inserting it again... doesn't work ??? we'll move to the next possibility..

    * Remove ur motherboard and keep it outside the case.. may be a grounding problem on the MB is causing a problem.. try switching it on by shorting the PINS of the power switch on the mother board using a screw driver or a similiar device... r u getting the beep sound ???? if yes then the problem can be that the motherboard is having a contact with the Case and its causing some grounding issues.

    * Try re-assembling all the components including the processor and check for any damage.. like a broken pin on the processor etc...

    *check whether the RAM and the Chips on the motherboard are getting heated after u leave ur pc switched on for a while.. if they are not getting heated then u can reach the conclusion that the power is not getting supplied propely on the motherboard (ie: its reaching the processor but then its not moving to the RAM and afterwards to the chips. If RAM is also getting heated but the IC's are left cold then the power is not flowing after it reaches RAM). This is caused due to some over supply of power in some situations to the motherboard and has disturbed the internal circuits of the MB.

    * Hence get the MB serviced by an authorised service person ( may cost u a maximum of 400 INR - equivalent to 8 US $ ) and ur PC should work fine ..
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