Drivers PC Reset after USB install

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After i connect a new Konica (KD-40Z)Digidal Camera with A USB cord into the PC it is recognized by thr XP-PRO OS, but afterwards it says: "hard drive" & then it is suddenly closed, the PC is reseting.
i tried all 6 (!!!) of my PC USB ports, without any luck. what can i do?? is it a MotherBoard problem??



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Na, it's not a motherboard problem. I've had something like that happen before, but it works fine now.

As far as it saying hard drive, it is because your digital camera works by basically faking being an actual disk.

Do you have drivers for the digicam? If so, might want to try re-installing those or just removing them all together and then rebooting and trying to connect your USB cam during reboot. Then let XP recognize the cam once it reboots. It should install everything it needs on its own without you having to click a single button. At least, that is how mine works on 3 different computers I've tried it on.


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There have been a couple of times I have seen such a problem. So I am sure you are not alone. :)

Something that may help us out is more infromation.. You have told us nothing about your computer! Please let us know as much as you know about it.. CPU, motherboard... Brands.. models.. etc..

First thing I would try is installing the drivers WITHOUT the camera plugged in. Many cameras are like this. Once the drivers are installed, plug in the camera and pray that it works. ;)

The only "documented" problem I know of that could be related is caused by a mixture of Windows XP, USB2 and devices with high bandwidth consumption. This can cause blue screens. I'm not sure if new drivers will fix this problem, as I do not think there is a patch for it.

Your PC is restarting (most likely) because it is blue screening. Windows XP, by default, restarts itself when it crashes blue-screen-style. It may appear that is simply restarting, when infact it is really crashing.

If you are unable to boot into your system, make sure you have disconnected the camera, boot into Safe Mode and uninstall your USB controller from Device Manager (should be near the bottom of the Device Manager window). Restart again, and this should allow you to use your computer once again.

Another possible solution is to download the latest drivers for you camera from the manufacturer's website and get the latest chipset drivers from your motherboard manufacturer. If you do not know what chipset you are using, perhaps we can help you determine that.

Lastly, I recommend you disconnect all USB devices from your PC until you have a possible solution. Any other USB devices you have may be interfering with installing the camera, so make sure everything USB is unplugged while your camera is being detected.


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It could be your real-time virus scanner getting confused when a new disk drive suddenly appears. Just one possibility, and one that has happened to me in the past. Worth looking at if none of the other suggestions work for you.
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