PC shuts down (over heating)

By gihan · 6 replies
Aug 10, 2005
  1. Hi,
    I’m running on P4 3.6GHz on a Gigabyte GA-81915P Duo Pro motherboard. When the system fully loaded it shut down. Then I have to pull the power plug from the wall and plug back to restart the machine, after a while (When it cool down I reckon). It doesn’t start immediately after shut down.
    Just before it shut down I check the temp of CPU in Easytune and it was 51C. Then I remove a side cover and touched the CPU heat sink and it is not that hot. But when I touch the heat sink (I don't have a fan) of the mother board chip set was pretty high. Since Easytune (or BIOS) doesn't show system temp, I don't know exactly what is the temp of it.
    I have two system fans running on the casing.
    So I’m wondering what's happening with this mechine. The temp shown on easytune for CPU is correct? Is there a way to check system temp on this mother board? Do I have to fix a fan for the chipset as well?

  2. cshell4642

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  3. gihan

    gihan TS Rookie Topic Starter

    RE:Mobo monitor

    Thanks for the link. But the GA-81915P Duo Pro is not there in the MBM Configuration Wizard. I did update the list, but it is not there.
    Any help?
  4. duffguy

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    u should still get a fan

    i had the same problem too. it stopped when i installed 2 fans. U shoud consider getting al least 1on the comp case(side). also replace the chip fan

    u should try this http://www.subzeropcs.com/pc_cooling_fans.html

    good luck :)
  5. gihan

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    RE: u should still get a fan

    Tanks for your reply. By the way could you please be more specific about the side of the case? I already installed two fans on the back and one on the side (one on opening side cover and the other just below power supply).
    Also I noticed the CPU fan rpm doesn't change much (around 1000 to 1200) even though temp increase from 30C to 50C.
  6. gamingguy27

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    Are you sure its stays at 1000-1200? thats a low RPM for any fan, most cpu fans range from 3500-5500 RPM.

    Also exessive pressure to any heat sensors can cause malfuntions, eg. wrong heat read out.

    If you are positive that your CPU is not hot, then you should be able to disable the heat sensor cut out (i can on mine, and i also have a Gigabyte MB).

  7. gihan

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    Problem solved

    Thanks to all you guys. I have solved the problem. I replaced the power supply. Bingo! it worked.
    :knock: :bounce:
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