Pc speakers 5.1

By jibba
Jun 13, 2005
  1. just got set of pc speakers 5.1 surround.

    How do i connect them to the back of my dvd player. I have 2 phono outputs (left and right) and an optical output

    the pc speakers come with 3 3.5mm jacks, so how do i connect these 3 jacks into the back of my dvd player, and make the sound come out of all speakers

    im not too bothered about surround sound, id rather the sound be stereo and it come out all speakers, NEED THE POWER RMS, lol

    i think my dvd player supports dts, might support other things too i aint sure

    it is a pansonic rv 32 and the speakers are logitech x-530 70 watts

    the speakers have a built in amplifier, in the subwoofer, and my dvd player, i dont think has an amplifier, becasue when i connect my headphones into the phono the headphones are fairly quiet
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