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i recently had my desktop shipped. Once I received it, I saw the graphics card had popped out of the slot. Once I plugged the power cord, neither the hard drive light in the front panel comes on nor is there any signal on the monitor. But, I can "hear" the hard drives clicking. There is no beeping sound also. I then removed everything (even mouse and keyboard, hard drive), the only card plugged in was the graphics card. Still no display.

It is dell 8200. When I turn it on, the light in the front panel remains orange (with/without hard drives), I remember it bring green when the computer is running. Also, the little light right next to it (HDD) is not blinking or turning on. There is no display, the monitor says no signal detected.

It is working in parts: power supply, hard drive, other accessories. How will I go about troubleshooting the motherboard or the graphics card? I will appreciate any insight.



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read the no post guide in the guides forum.

clicking sounds from hard drives are not a good sign.

reseat all loose components carefully. Take appropriate anti-static precautions.

your system could have been physically dropped. hard shocks can destroy hard disks. I hope your shipment was insured.


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I think Tedster is on to something. If the PC was dropped hard enough to dislodge the graphics card from its slot, other components like the hard drive could be damaged.
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