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May 29, 2005
  1. I am looking to purchase a utility for diagnostic work to help with my repairing pc's. Has anyone used this product and if so what do you think of it.
  2. Tedster

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    I have used Norton utilities for years. Great program.
  3. RealBlackStuff

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  4. aidsministrator

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    I do use Norton Utilities 2002 too! Great program! but it's just not complete. I recommend you to use any other programs besides NU such as:

    1. SpyBot - Search & Destroy (Powerful spyware remover. It cleans your pc effectively and can also speed up the system rapidly)

    2. SpeedUpMyPC (another great utility. Has so much function e.g. Memory booster, startup editor, temperature monitor, popup blocker, etc..)

    3. CPU-Z (Can determine Motherboard name & specification. useful if you want to search for drivers for the built-in hardwares on the board. using search engine of course.)

    4. DriverGuide ToolKit (Great tool for driver search. but you have to connect to the Internet in order to let this toolkit search for your hardware's drivers.)

    5. I've also found Microsoft's System File Checker so helpful (You can access SFC by typing 'sfc' or sfc /scannow in Run command. or DOS)

    6. The most important tool for a PC Technician is.. CDs, CDs & more CDs! e.g. Operating System Disks (should buy the original copies because they are mostly bootable from startup/booting. great for installing the OS after formatting a hard disk), Drivers CD, Standard Programs Installation CD (like Microsoft Office, Norton, Winamp, Winzip, DivX, Xing MPEG, Adobe, Print Artist etc..)

    7. Oh.. don't forget other important tools such as screwdrivers, nose-tip plier, cable crimper (used when you want to make network cables), screws, etc..

    8. Mmm.. I have my own spare hardware too such as CD-ROM drive, ethernet adapter, floopy drive, ide & fdd cable, long RJ-45 cable, serial to PS/2 converter (for old mouse), 5-pin DIN to PS/2 converter (for old keyboard), and.. a laptop. I will bring all this spares whenever my boss ask me to go out to fix a customer's PC in his/her office.

    9. & Lastly, the very very most important tool for a PC Technician is... https://www.techspot.com :)

    I think that's enough. I would want to know if there are any how-to-make-a-technician's-works-easy tips. Thanx a lot!
  5. RealBlackStuff

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    You're the boss! Hire someone to do the work FOR you!

    A technician needs "tools" that are independant of the Software. Nothing should be loaded onto a client's PC, unless specifically asked for (as e.g. with virus-infections).
    That's where the likes of PC TECHNICIAN and TUFF-TEST etc. come in.
  6. aidsministrator

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    hahaha! real nice one realblackstuff. hey thanx for your tip. Might be I am trying to be too 'complete'. hey I bring two bags loaded with my 'tools' everyday at work you know. :)

    I work as a pc technician but honestly, I'm still a beginner. My company is too unfortunate to have me working there. you know, I've done 'damaging' more than fixing. haha.

    End of my story. Thanx anyway realblackone. You're the special force! Congratulations!
  7. GoAvalanche

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    Thanks for the reply Real...From what I have been able to discern this program might do the trick and what a great discount going on right now.
  8. aidsministrator

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    Hey Avalanche, are you sure you thanked a right person?? LOL
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