PC veryslow to reboot and shutdown, displays FDC failure at start-up

By guszein
Nov 30, 2004
  1. Hello All
    My pc is Packard Bell 3 years old, 2.4 ghz, Intel pentium 4, 80GB, 256 MB. Its very slow when rebooting, beeps at start up and displays FDC failure, and even very slow during shutdown. The floppy disk drive stopped working, although installing a new floppy drive failed to cure the problem. Frequently a window pop up saying that virtual memory is low and windows will increase it. I took it to a computer shop who advised me after checking it that the motherboard needs changing, and advised me to update the whole computer. The will use bits from my pc and install it in the new one, but i wasn't happy with their advice, although they charged me at least $40 for checking it without fixing the problem. I think the motherboard is: NEC COMPUTERS INTERNATIONAL SiS650 1.0. If the problem is the motherboard, do you think i can get any type of motherboard, i.e will any motherboard be compatible? I need some advice from experts please. Thank you
  2. howard_hopkinso

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    Hello and welcome to Techspot.

    FDC=floppy disk controller failure.

    Since you have already tried a new floppy drive I suspect that it`s the floppy contoller on the mobo that`s the problem.

    Getting a new mobo shouldn`t be a problem for your cpu checkout Asrock/Asus/Gigabyte etc.

    Regards Howard

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