PC will not boot up ?

By Andy Robinson
Dec 8, 2007
  1. Hi all, I am new to this site and am building a new PC for my son for Xmas.
    This is the spec.
    Mobo= Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3 s775 ATX CPU: P4-775.
    CPU= Pentium core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHZ.
    RAM= 2 x Kingston 667mhz DDR2 DIMM .
    Graphics card= XTF GF 8600GTS 256MB DDR3.
    Hard Drive= Caviar SE16 500gb SATA 300MB/Sint Sata/300 7200RPM.
    Power supply 550 watts.
    Software= Vista Ultimate 32 bit format.
    I built the system a couple of weeks ago and when I booted it up the processor fan started then stopped a couple of times, I checked everything over which seemed ok and tried again. Again it did the same but I let it run and it booted up. I installed the soft ware put on my virus protection and plugged in the internet lead this sparked momentarily on connection and then the pc went off. I then cold not get the Bios to boot up, the system started but no keyboard lights or monitor activity.
    I have tried the hard drive, the power supply, and the graphics card in another pc and they are fine. I thought it may be a mobo problem so I have replaced the mobo only to find that it is worse as now, on top of the original problems when holding the switch down on the case it no longer shuts down the pc I have checked the switch with an avo and it works fine.
    In desperation I have unplugged the PC and flashed the "Cmos" terminals to see if this would help.
    As I see it, it is either the processor, the RAM, or the bios that is at fault could anyone point me in the right direction please.
    Thanks for your time and effort in reading this long post but I wanted to present all the facts to give anyone interested the best chance of giving the correct advice.
    Merry Xmas Andy.
  2. raybay

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    New systems have about a 17% failure rate, in our experience. In the other 83%, somebody forgot something obvious, then made it worse under the stress of the failure.
    All this stuff, you know, but it is worth repeating.
    You have excellent equipment. Have you talked to Gigabyte tech support?
    It is sometimes useful to go back to the most fundamental setup... power supply, cpu & fan, video connection (on board, if possible, but I doubt that board has integrated video), one memory module, and a floppy disc with a Windows 98 boot/Startup or a Windows ME, or an MS-DOS. You have the socket. Do you have a floppy drive and cable you can plug in?
    The idea is to boot to the most fundamental connection you can create, in Safe Mode.
    If it will not do that, change to the other memory modules. If still no luck, contact Gigabyte for help.
    Check the processor to assure it has no bent pins, then assure that it is properly seated with thermal past, and firmly connected by the hold-down clips.
    Is all your memory PC2-5300 or PC2-6400? Some boards will not boot if the memory does not match.
    Do you have the GA-P35-DS3 version 1.0 , or is it 2.0 where they made some improvements?
    You are likely correct in assuming processor, RAM, or BIOS, but you cannot see the BIOS. Did you get a setup disc with the Board? DO NOT DISCOUNT the POWER SUPPLY? It can look good, and fan can start, but one line can be bad and spoil the soup. A simple power supply tester for $10, or a change out of power supplies, can tell you what you need to know.
    What do you mean by, "...the sytem started but no keyboard lights, or monitor activity..." Do you mean you could hear it boot?
    Did you get any beeps? The Gigabyte will often have a beep pattern if it is a memory problem, but will do nothing if it is a cpu.
    We rarely see a CPU failure. But a bad fan, improperly seated cpu, and sometimes lack of thermal paste will cause the problem. Then, of course, it is so easy to bend a pin and not notice that you have done so.
    Finally, although you have probably done this, go through the board with the manual in your hand, and check every pin, jumper, etc. and setting. Then go to the Gigabyte site where they have an excellent troubleshooting section for getting the board up and running.
    You know you know the problem. Since you have already exchanged the board, the problem is in front of you.
    Oh, and, ahhh. Work on it when you are rested and not stressed, and when you don't have a crowd around you watching you suffer.
  3. Andy Robinson

    Andy Robinson TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for the help I will try your sugestions and let you know.
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