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PC will not POST! :(

By Cyberslob
Jan 6, 2005
  1. Hello just signed up for this place as im at a total loss as to what could b the prob. after a few dayz previous having installed my new smokin leadtek geforce 6800 ultra and another gig of ram totalling 1.5 all was running like a dreaaaaaaaaaam. as im playin thru ut2k4 i suddenly hit the blue screen of death and my computer speakers start squeeking (ive since read in the manual that the probable cause of this is the cpu overheat thingy. the way they say to fix this is just unplug power core till beeping stops and replug to return to normal use. if only!). i did a reset and now cannot even get a post beep, though if i leave it overnight ill get just one long continuous post beep when i turn on. You may b thinking this is a power issue though with the new g card i also purchased a 650 watt qtec p supply. Also this is not the 1st time this problem has occured or something similar. (it may also be worth noting that when i switch on the hard drive/activity light stays stuk on.) i have tried removing /replacuing everything i can such as g card memory swapping all of em out for known working stuff but still the same. the only place left to turn is either the cpu or mobo or some power problem. i currently do not have another cpu in which to swap it out with so cant try that. In the past when this has happend (to the best of my knowledge on nearly all other equipment since ive upgraded to all new gear by now) i would take the computer and try to connect it to all the different sockets in the house. the moment i am about to tear my hair out in frustration i try again and all is back to normal like nothing has happened. Im not sure if this is the same prob though ive really hit a brick wall this time so any help greatly appreciated...heres the rundown of mym system...

    epox 8rda+ mobo
    1.5 gig 400mhz ddr
    leadtek gf6800 ultra
    2 HD's one 20, one 120g
    sound etc etc not really important.
    qtec 650w power supply

    i also had a little spark today thinking that the reason these anomalous activities may have been occuring in spite of all new equipment is perhaps that i am using a globalwin fop38 (the badboy with the hella big fan) on my mobos 3 pin connector. bfore when i had a lower wattage psu it would put a strain on it when routed thru the 4pin connector provided hence why i put in direct to mobo. now i have the new psu i have lost the goddammed 3pin top 4pin converter so i am unable to try it. i shall have to try and get hold of another for future although my crisis atm is gettin the son of a gun back up and running. :blackeye:

    oops also forgot to mention the cpu is a 2gig athlon xp at stock frequency
  2. zephead

    zephead TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,569

    yep, epox boards will do that...

    sounds like your board just checked out, or another major component.
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