PC won't boot up - Not even into BIOS yet!

By sudso
Jun 21, 2004
  1. My PC won't boot; fan does come on; it beeps continously(each beep is long) it does not even get into the BIOS; I bought some new memory; pulled out the floppy; CDROM; only hard drive is in master slave; and still nothing. It does not even attempt to display anything on my monitor. Could I have a bad display adapter. It is an on-board display adapter. My mother board is 651M-L/650GM-L series based on SiS 651/650GX (702 pin BGA) & SiS 962L MuTIOL Media I/O (371 BGA).
  2. Nodsu

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    Look up the beep codes from your motherboard/BIOS manual to pinpoint the error. Beeps usually mean bad memory, vid card, mobo.

    Are you sure your new memory is supposed to work in your computer? Did you take out the old memory?

    You should try another video card to rule out the display adapter gone bad.
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