PC won't completely shut down

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Apr 17, 2006
  1. Hello, I'm at a loss.

    Ok, this is wierd and it started happening out of the blue. I went to shut down my PC (Start Menu, etc.) as normal, got the usual "Windows is shutting down" (XP) screens, screen goes blank as it should, however, my case fans are blowing away as if nothing changed. I have a transparent side on my case and also saw the CPU fan was blowing away as well. The only way to shut everything down was hitting the power button on the power strip (holding down the power button in front didn't do anything).

    Of course when I hit the power button on the strip (to use the PC again), all the fans come on blowing away. But the OS is still off. I hit the power button on the PC as if I was booting up, and the OS comes up as normal.

    Everything works fine except the fans won't shut down. As if they have mind of there own. I've looked around on the net and thus far the only solutions:

    Re-install the original Bios - They are the original and I've never messed with them.
    Check for spyware - use Zone Alarm, nothing showing up on the active programs
    Re-install windows - haven't done this yet
    Replace the power supply - haven't done this either.

    I'm wondering if its the Power Supply (its the originol ATX that came with the case) as I have two blue light strips in front for aesthetic purposes and one of the strips recently became dimmer than the other.

    Any Suggestions?
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    yes it could be your psu.. check the voltage given in bios and an app like Everest Home or speedfan etc.. use a psu calculator to determine your system needs and if it is quite an old psu (more than a year) and a cheap looking one at that/noname brand then thats your answer there.... post back on how you go..
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  4. Xolodno

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    E-mailed the report.
  5. Xolodno

    Xolodno TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Issue Resolved. I just installed the new power supply (Antec - 500w - Smartpower 2.0) and the PC shuts down and boots up normaly.

    Thank you for all your help :grinthumb
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