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pc wont shut down

By takaboku ยท 20 replies
Jul 14, 2007
  1. My pc won't shut down using the "start, shut down" steps, won't restart either.
    I've checked and the "auto restart" is unchecked. After trying to shut down, all applications are at zero but for "system idle process" which is at 99. CPU usage is at zero, too. I can only shut down by holding down the power button. :confused: Thanks....
  2. pdyckman@comcas

    pdyckman@comcas TS Rookie Posts: 527

    Are you saying that at this point, it will not start?
  3. almcneil

    almcneil TS Guru Posts: 1,277

    Some comps are designed that you hold the power button and it will force a power down. Some don't. If yours doesn't then you have no choice but the pull the plug.

    My first reaction is to check for spyware and virus. If the problem persists, go to Safe Mode and see if it still exists.
  4. rapzkilla

    rapzkilla TS Rookie Posts: 53


    yes definately check for viruses, Because this is definately a software issue. You can also run scan disk for errors. Open command prompt and type chkdsk /r and it will ask if you want to run on restart. Ity should run and find any problems... If this works, great, if it doesn then re-install windows after backing up your files of course... After this, if it keeps hapenning, well then it will no longer be software issue. it sa hardware issue
  5. takaboku

    takaboku TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 136

    Thanks for the advice rapzkilla and almcneil:D I'll let you know how things go...
  6. BlameCanada

    BlameCanada TS Rookie Posts: 320

    Uninstall Norton/Symantec.
    Get AVG and Comodo or Kerio or Zone Alarm.

    Go into msconfig start up tab and uncheck everything except the Firewall/AV
  7. allenk524

    allenk524 TS Rookie

    pull the plug out lol
  8. lipe123

    lipe123 TS Evangelist Posts: 718   +236

    I've seen a similar issue on a pc I sold before, you click the shutdown button, the window vanishes and nothing happens?

    Try typing this in a command prompt and let me know what happens "shutdown -s" a dialog should popup saying "shutting down in 30sec..." and hopefully that will shut it down.

    Also 99.99999% of power supplies will go off if u hold the power button down for 6 seconds. If u press the power button once and release u should have a normal shutdown.
  9. takaboku

    takaboku TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 136

    Well folks, I never really got a chance to try any of your suggestion. I tried to boot into the "safe mode" and got "The Blue Screen of Death". I tried starting up with the XP recovery disk in, but it won't load up. I have the Geek Squad coming to the house next week... Will cost no more than $249 puke: If you have any more suggestion, please let me know. thanks!
  10. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,243   +234

    "Will cost no more than $249"

    I can build you a "new" system for that price
  11. donjo13

    donjo13 TS Rookie Posts: 71

    Try putting in a different hard drive if you have one and make it the master and your current hard drive the slave and load xp on the new hard drive. Then you will still have your files on your D: Drive to get to. You can do a chkdisk and a disk dfrag on the slave and check the disk for errors that way.
  12. takaboku

    takaboku TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 136

    Great idea, donjo13! I'll do that this weekend... Thanks. :D
  13. almcneil

    almcneil TS Guru Posts: 1,277

    I only charge $99 flat rate for first time customers!! Either you're a sucker or I'm charging too little! (plus my rates are in canadian dollars so it's even less!)

    As for services like Geek Squad, Nerds on Site, ... you take your chances! I know this from working at a Dell call centre. Sometimes you get a good tech, sometimes a bad tech. If you're lucky, you could get an ace tech or if you're in God's bad books, you could get a zero tech. Large organizations are like that. There's a wide range of talent and you don't know which one is going to show up.

    Case in point is a recent customer of mine. He has 3 comps networked in his home and wanted to have a shared printer. He tried Nerds but the tech couldn't do it, yet, he still had to pay the minimum $99 (higher if the tech could do it!) Then he tried a local comp store. The tech there convinced him to buy a printer server and charged him $120 to set it up. He couldn't do it either. Not only was the customer forced to pay that loser (I had a previous experience with that clown myself), he wouldn't allow the customer to return the wireless printer server! The customer liked my brochure because I have a guarantee that if I can't fix it, he doesn't have to pay. It took me 10 minutes and he could print from any comp over the network. :) He's had me back twice to work on other things!

    Here's a better example. Back when I worked at Dell, I sometimes did "callbacks". Some problems involved running a long scan or installing Windows, so we put that customer in a "callback" and went on to the next call. One tech agent was designated to do callbacks exclusively every shift. I did that a lot. It was doing this I witnessed firsthand the amazing difference in capabilities. Some agents were magicians, seemed to pick the right troubleshooting technique! I was like "WOW!!" Then you'd see some goof who told the customer to reformat/reinstall for a routine problem that had a known solution. I recall I had one coworker in my group that the manager was suscipious about because he average call handle time was unusually low, week after week. When I did callbacks I found out why. If he couldn't solve the problem in 10 minutes, he told the customer the R&R and threw it into the callback queue!! The worst were some techs who told customers to R&R when there's a factory image on the PC!!

    You could try Geek Squad and get an ace tech who'll have your system working in no time! Or you could get a zero and after 2 hours will tell you he/she can't do it and you need to reformat/reinstall. Or you get an OK tech. You don't know.
  14. almcneil

    almcneil TS Guru Posts: 1,277

    Before you try Geek Squad or donjo13's suggestion, I'd try an XP repair installation.

    I really like the XP repair installation feature. If it works, it's like magic! It's very low on the hassle scale and can fix all kinds of different problems. I've had some comps with all kinds of problems or simple BSODs. Run an XP repair installation and PRESTO!! Everything works. I had some cases in which it didn't. Then you turn to other techniques or a reformat & re-install. In a couple of cases, it made the problem WORSE but that's rare. It's strange in way that I like it because I used to be a high tech engineer and that's a different style of work. When there's a problem, we try to diagnose the problem right down to the root problem and get it fixed properly. As a tech though, you don't really need to know the root cause, you just need to get that PC working again and, often, quickly! You look at the symptoms and based on experience, what techniques and tools will fix that type of problem. Then move on to the next problem. You don't always have to, or need to know the exat problem. That's one reason I like the XP repair feature, it works most of the time.
  15. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,243   +234

  16. rapzkilla

    rapzkilla TS Rookie Posts: 53

    lol i work for GEEKSQUAD phone support and "almcneil" is absolutely right . i personaly do not fix the computers as of the moment because i am just a diagnosis man. they call it mission control. well i diagnos and set you up with the right service and tech. lol i had a customer that called and wanted to have his computer fixed without loosing his files. client has a blue screen that will not go away lol. this tech that i got was about to re-install his operating system immediately, and i said well this client doesnt want to loose his files at all. tech said "there is no other way " lol i literally told this guy how to fix the computer. the client has an HP, so it has a in-built recovery system, since its only 5 years old. Client has a win xp cd, so we can always do a recovery console to repair XP with ease. for $99 over the phone, that is an easy fix. I will do it in my sleep lol .

    Well GeekSQuad has alot of good techs though, especially the techs that come to your home. They are extremely smart, so i will say if you cant fix it at all, then try GEEKSQUAD and get it done. Push your power button for a few seconds and if the computer turns off, then just do a recovery console and that should fix your problem or xp repair ....
  17. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,243   +234

    The Geeksquad is a joke! Best Buy is a rip off joint... The Geeksquad are all salesmen first, techs second. They want their customers to buy new equipment all the time. Their easy fixes cost the customer's plenty
  18. Stick'o ram

    Stick'o ram TS Rookie Posts: 178

    I know somebody who used to work for the geek squad, he said that he enjoyed fixing peoples computers but he hated having to always trying to sell them products that they don't really need.
  19. takaboku

    takaboku TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 136

    Well, guys....... I'm up and running like a race horse! I just bit da bullet and reformatted. I lost my music and a few pics, but I love how fast and how well my system is running. Thanks again for everyones advice, it's always appreciated.
  20. takaboku

    takaboku TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 136

  21. almcneil

    almcneil TS Guru Posts: 1,277

    Did you try the XP repair installation first? If not, it could have saved you a lot of hassle!
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