PC wont start up

Okay, I'm new to this forum and I'll try to explain my problem as much as possbile and hopefully get some help from you.

Two days ago my pc just shut down. When I tried to turn it back on I got bsod and it goes off again. Every time I tried to turn it on, different bsod pops up and it just freeze there or it simply turns off. Since then I wasn't able to turn pc on at all. Tried rebooting from usb, it just freeze at windows starting screen.

I managed to start mini xp from hiren thing, and saw that my hd is fine, ram is working properly(even tho I tried taking one and other ram earlier that day to see if that's the problem), and I saw that it can't read my graphic card. So there it is, I though. Took out gpu and tried to start and boot on internal gpu and yet I came up to same process as before. Stuck on starting windows screen, and now, I have no idea what to do.

I might not give much informations. I'm not some expert at this stuff. So if there's anything you might think that will work on solving this problem, please help.


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BSODs describe the 'faulting module' in an attempt to describe an element of the software which might be going wrong. When this changes with every boot, it is much more likely to be hardware.

Since you did not describe your system, you are the only one who knows what you have.

If I were working on my system, my first step would be to try to boot Ubuntu LiveCD (Hiren is 4 years old) - it works if not a non-HDD hardware problem, but rather a program or a driver or the HDD. Sounds like you tried something like that, so next step would be to remove everything from the case and to rebuild the system one component at a time - starting with motherboard, CPU, heatsink & PSU - should result in beep code indicating RAM error - now put in stick of RAM and try again - should POST - check SETUP to confirm the settings match your system (integrated video, etc) - if not getting anything, try another PSU.

These folks have a good approach... http://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000607.htm

Make a troubleshooting plan, make notes, go one step at a time. Might be more fun than a mystery novel.
I've got

i3-2100 3.1 ghz
8 gb ram
350 hdd
radeon hd 7850 1 gb ddr5

Thank you. I will check up the link and try to see if I can work something in there.
Okay, this is new.

When I put either one of my 2 rams in left slot computer starts to beep consistently on start up.

Motherboard is gigabye ga-h61m-ww 1155 socket
and psu, I think its silencer 750 eps 12v
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