Pc wont turn on.. also

By truenoob
Dec 23, 2007
  1. well my PC problem is a little different. when i turn on my computer the screen stays black, the front side red led stays red( i think that is the light that normally only lights up when the processor is working at 100% use or something like that) . anyhow the PC stays at a black screen then moments later the PC just shuts itself off. i put a speaker on my motherboard, i have no beeps..... not sure if i even have it on right but by what the manual says i do, I've never had the speaker in before so i don't even know if it is supposed to work. anyhow i am very upset right now and have been troubleshooting this problem for about 5 hours now and cannot fix it, hopefully the help i get from here will be my gateway to paradise because ill once again be able to go onto my PC.

    Asus p4v8x-mx
    intel P4 HTT 3.4ghz Prescott
    2gb ddr3200
    x1600 pro
    400W (up to 550W)psu

    dont know if that will be oif any help, but im putting down whatever i can, i really want my pc back. i canbt deal with this vacation without it :(

    whats worst is the fact that i ordered new parts for it just to keep it alive for another year or 2 so that i could afford to build a new better system. i ordered a 550W psu and an x1950 that i would really like to use...
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    Hello, truenoob, and welcome to Techspot :wave:

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    With regards to your problem, no beeps at start up means "No Power, Loose Card, or Short" on an IBM BIOS. Try reseating your graphics and PCI cards and making sure there aren't any short circuits anywhere. If this doesn't sort it then wait for the new PSU because it sounds to me like a PSU problem if my other suggestions don't help.
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