Pc wont turn on

By probizzle
Dec 10, 2007
  1. ok i recieved a non working computer from one of my uncles thinking i could fix it and use it. well when i first pluged it in and tryed to power it up it didnt turn on at all. no hard drive sound no fans nothing but there is power cuz there is a little led on the board that is lit up and the power button blinks when i push the power button. the first thing i did was double check the power cable going to the mb. so i unpluged it pluged it back in and as soon as i connected the power cable to the computer it turned on but nothing on the monitor it ran for about 10 seconds then turned off and the power button started blinking. so i unhooked the memory and left one stick in and turned it on. nothing happend so i took the one that was in there and swapped it out for the other. as soon as i pluged the power back into the computer it turned on this time it started to beep and would not stop and nothing was on the monitor, so after another 10 seconds it turned off. and the power button started blinking and still wont turn on. so i have no idea what could be wrong with this i checked all the hardware. the only thing i could think of would be the power supply. right now i took the battery out of the mb so any help would be great
  2. that does indeed sound like a power supply problem. either swap out the power supply for another one you might have lying around if it's more powerful. or buy a new one and hook it up and see if that resolves it. judging by the fact it just shuts down and doesn't restart, i'd say that's purely power related UNLESS the motherboard itself has had it.

    in which case, you replace the motherboard. but first, power supply. see if that resolves the problem and if it doesn't, then you can be fairly sure you have a faulty motherboard.
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