Overclocking PC3200 Ram running at 333MHz Please Help!!!

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Long story, please bear with me!

I picked up an eMachine with a AMD 3200+ Barton cpu on a FIC AU-31 mobo.
It shipped with an advertised 512mb PC2700. But when I did some checking, I found out that the mobo supported a 400MHz FSB and 2 Gigs of ram. And after opening the case, found out the that the RAM's label said PC3200 on it. It turns out that unless you disable the onboard graphics and install a agp video card, all you can run is 333ddr.

SO I put in a GeForce FX 5600 Ultra and 2 sticks of Corsair PC-3200 ram, but when I boot up it is reported as 333DDR. And when I check Everest it says I'm running dual-channel 333mhz!!??

The BIOS is locked pretty tight, but I do have the vc clocked decently (running 425/850). And I've got some decent cooling going on. I just can't get the ram speed to come in where it should.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'm not a newb, but this has got me stumped.

Again......Sorry so long....Thankx!


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After checking the mobo documentation for myself, I can understand why it's got you stumped. I'm not completely sure of the answer myself, but it strikes me as strange that the documentation says the memory can run at 400 FSB, but the processors it supports only run up to 333 FSB...hmmm. In my experience, the CPU and the RAM can only run at the same FSB, so even if your RAM supports a 400 FSB, if your mobo only supports 333, you'll be running everything at 333.

I hope that makes sense. I didn't think that RAM and CPU's could run on different FSB's on the same mobo. I could be wrong though.

This all seems to me like FIC dropped the ball somewhere, failing to realize that their own mobo doesn't support processors @ 400 FSB (it's in the documentation straight from FIC's website that the fastest it supports is the Barton 3000+, which runs @ 333). Just doesn't hash out for me, something's not right.

I hope at least some of this makes sense to someone, and that it may even help you out in some way.
I don't know if this will help anyone, but....

I ran Everest again and found this in it's report.

CPU Properties:
CPU Type AMD Athlon XP-A, 2200 MHz (11 x 200) 3200+
CPU Alias Barton
CPU Stepping A2
Instruction Set x86, MMX, 3DNow!, SSE
L1 Code Cache 64 KB
L1 Data Cache 64 KB
L2 Cache 512 KB (On-Die, Full-Speed)

Motherboard Properties:
Motherboard ID 08/06/2004-nForce2-IGP-6A61BF0BC-00
Motherboard Name FIC K7M-NF18G (AU31)

Front Side Bus Properties:
Bus Type DEC Alpha EV6
Bus Width 64-bit
Real Clock 200 MHz (DDR)
Effective Clock 400 MHz
Bandwidth 3200 MB/s

Memory Bus Properties:
Bus Type Dual DDR SDRAM
Bus Width 128-bit
Real Clock 167 MHz (DDR)
Effective Clock 333 MHz
Bandwidth 5333 MB/s

Memory Module Properties:
Module Name Corsair VS512MB400
Serial Number None
Module Size 512 MB (2 rows, 4 banks), 1024 Total
Module Type Unbuffered
Memory Type DDR SDRAM
Memory Speed PC3200 (200 MHz)
Module Width 64 bit
Module Voltage SSTL 2.5
Error Detection Method None
Refresh Rate Reduced (7.8 us), Self-Refresh

Memory Timings:
@ 200 MHz 2.5-3-3-8 (CL-RCD-RP-RAS)

If the cpu fsb, the motherboard, and the ram all support 400MHZ, why the heck is the memory bus 333?


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Memory Bus Properties:
Bus Type Dual DDR SDRAM
Bus Width 128-bit
Real Clock 167 MHz (DDR)
Effective Clock 333 MHz
Bandwidth 5333 MB/s

Ram selection in the bios is set: SPD
which would default to 333mhz. Max of current MoBo.
You need to get into the bios to set to manual or auto.
But it show cpu running 200mhz x 2 x 11
Sumthin doesn't look right here.
I suspect you (your new hardware) the MoBo and everest are right but the math doesn't pan out.

It appears to me that e-machine tends to screw things up.
mixing economy parts and quality parts to make low cost machines.

Maybe consider a diff MoBo to put all your good hardware on
Thanks...I guess

Like I said the BIOS is locked tight, but I have located a "modded" BIOS for my machine...

My options:

1) Live with the RAM running at 333 :hotbounce

2) Give the modded BIOS a swing, maybe it'll open some settings up for me?

3) Find a "Real" mobo to put in there.

It's not such a bad computer for an e-Machine. They just got a little confused I think. But it's a messy situation. F.I.C. says that the mobo runs @ 333, but will support PC3200. e-Machines ships it with a stick of PC3200 in it that's running at 333. And both SANDRA and Everest say that my FSB is 400 on a 3200+ Barton.!?

Well thanks again, I've got some thinkin' to do
AMD XP 3200+ (T3256) with the FIC AU31 Motherboard up to 400 MHz FSB -- difficulties

I have been trying to get my AMD XP 3200+ with the FIC AU31 Motherboard up to 400 MHz for FSB / RAM as well.

EMachine sells the T3256 with the advertisement of 400MHz FSB but, it only seems to run at 333MHz.


That seems a bit misleading ...

I've upgraded my firmware from:

The upgraded TCB432L.BIN firmware worked but, I still can't get the included 512MB Samsung PC-3200 SDRAM to run at 400MHz.

The BIOS will recognize the PC-3200 RAM as DDR400 in auto mode but
crashes before Windows XP will begin loading.

Also, the system will only work in optimal settings in the BIOS -- aggressive
/ advanced won't work -- the system crashes before / after Windows XP loads.

Any ideas anyone?

Do you think the Samsung PC-3200 RAM shipped with this model could actually be rated for only 333MHz?

The memory info is pasted below:

Memory Type: DDR SDRAM
Error Correction: NONE
Voltage Interface Level: SSTL (2.5V)
Data Width: 64 bits
Number of Physical Banks: 2 (double sided)
Number of Logical Banks: 4
Number of Row Addresses: 13 13
Number of Col Addresses: 10 10
Bank Density: 256 268435456 MB
Primary Ram Width: 8 20 bits
Error Checking Ram Width: 13 13 bits
Module Density: 268435712 MB
Refresh Rate: 7812.500 us
Self-Refresh: Yes
Burst Lengths Supported: 2 4 8
CAS 2.5:
Cycle Time (tCYC) = 6.000 ns fMax = 166.667 Mhz
Access Time (tAC) = 0.700 ns fMax = 1428.571 MHz
CAS 3.0:
Cycle Time (tCYC) = 5.000 ns fMax = 200.000 Mhz
Access Time (tAC) = 0.650 ns fMax = 1538.462 MHz
CS Supported: 0.0 clocks
WE Supported: 1.0 clocks
Min Delay, Bk/Bk Random Cols: 1 clocks
Min Row Precharge Time (tRP): 15.000 ns
Min Row Active delay (tRRD): 10.000 ns
Min RAS to CAS delay (tRCD): 15.000 ns
Min Actv to Precharge (tRAS): 40.000 ns
Addr/Cmd Setup Time: 0.600 ns
Addr/Cmd Hold Time: 0.600 ns
Data Setup Time: 0.400 ns
Data Hold Time: 0.400 ns
Buffered Address & Control No
Registered Address & Control No
On-Card PLL: No
FET Switch On-Card Enable: No
FET Switch External Enable: No
Differential Clock Input: Yes
Includes Weak Driver: No
Includes QFC Output: No
Lower Vdd Tolerence: 0.2 V
Upper Vdd Tolerence: 0.2 V
Manufacturer's JEDEC ID Code: 00000000 000000ce
Module Manufacturing Location: 2 (manufacture dependant)
Module Part Number: M3 68L6423FTN-CCC
Module Revision Code: 17998 (manufacture dependant)
Module Manufacturing Date: Wk 53 of 2004
Module Serial Number: 357301f1
SPD Revision: 1.1


Reply to post 'PC3200 Ram running at 333MHz Please Help!!!'

I can't imagine many (if any) people would notice a difference in this setup running PC-2700 (333MHz FSB) vs PC-3200 (400MHz FSB) on daily tasks ... such as word processing, spreadsheets, web browsing.

But, I think it'd be noticable when running a decent 8X AGP Video Card and
stressing the computer on games for the best possible fps and quality settings.

Just my two cents.
who's the liar here? is it? emachines? samsung? FC au31 mobo designers? the nforce2 chipset? and why am i even bothered by the 67Mhz loss of memory function?

i proudly bought the emachines T3256 and i am still very happy with the purchase. i would've had to pay almost twice the amount of money spent($600) to get relative hardware. if that's a turd box at that price then you can call me a turd box buyer anytime. i'm ok with that. in fact i'll probably be buyin another turd box asap. i can't get enough of'em.

here's the part i'm pondering. before i buy my second turdbox and upgrade when needed from original turdbox specifications. should i buy another stick of this same questionable samsung M368L6423ETM-CCC 512mb ram? i've read in another much less desirable forum site lol that some guy was questioning the validity of these same sticks actually stating that the kingston or samsung<not sure which< company denied even making the product. nonetheless i still plan on buying another of the exact same ram from the only store i could find that has it. basically i think it's not the ram causing the loss of 67mhz(to pc2700 performance) because at the top of this thread the guy who woke me up to this whole turdbox(?) memory speed problem stated that he purchased a brand spankin new pair of ddr400 corsairs and still everested a puny(?) 333mhz memory bomb downer(?) so it's actually not the ram causing the problem...i'm no genius but i did sleep at a holiday inn last night.

bottomline is that i have a athlon xp +3200, 160gb hdd, 333mhz memory interface(whatever), and a future desire to network this machine with a athlon 64 turdbox.

plan a.....buy another sixty six dollar stick of 512mb samsung(sha sha) and call it good(pondering killing myself for even worrying about all this in the first place)

plan b.....buy new microATX form socket a 462 mobo w/ 3 ram slots featuring different chipset than the current nforce2 for around $50(available?...maybe god only knows) thereafter purchasing 'nother 512mb ram stick increasing total ram to 1.5+mb all the while hoping that the new mobo will magically increase the current pc2700 performance into pc3200...problem is i don't have the right percentage of geek in me(or search time) to get my geek on enough to even tell if pc2700 is all that crappy(considering money i'd have to spend to correct this perceived crappiness)

plan c.....just find someone to answer my most important question of all. at what point does a video card become overkill for this turdbox(?)?...i wanna buy a 6600gt 256mb(sha sha?) or the like or better or whatever but don't wanna "cram the pipes"(sha sha) so to speak on this turdbox(?) beauty

to all the proud turdbox(?) owners that were treated badly at "best buy" at a town at a store near you(all across america by the way)
i bid you farewell


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Turd boxes & kitty litter Batman!

When you attempt to make a living working on ppl's
store bought boxes, turd box takes on a new meanings..

First off to buy proprietary is not such a bad thing to do.
They'll get the job done and fit the budget!
There are varying grades, e-machine tends to be a very
low grade on most of they're models, tho not all of them..
Sony, hp. comcrap, gateway, dell too. and who knows what'll
happen to e-machine now that gateway owns em...

Bang for the buck is there for most common cumputer end user uses.
You are going to pay, what you did'nt pay at time of purchase,
when you want alittle more punch from your buck..

The major devide is gaming!
About the only place I know where proprietary and gaming come
together is alienware..

Otherwise DIY & get what you want from the git.
without a doubt your correct about the alienware smeal WOW! the buget gaming machine is a monster good grief...believe me i'm no emachines fanfan but at the time i bought mine, the deal was incomparable(pricewise) seeing it as my second ever computer used mainly for Enemy Territory and internet radio...upgrade later right.....right. the crap that alot of companies were sellin and are still sellin to this day is the true laugh(emachines isn't ripping anyone off...at least at the time of my purchase that's for certain... $600 machine with goodies;monitor,dual layerdvd drive etc. perfect...you have $900 to purchase much better machine...o thats even more perfect...nobody's gettin swindled here. try and tell me that with concerning other companies<mega laugh inserted here.

now before i go buy my area 51 at $900.......WOOOOOOOOT! 9800gtx sli supported.......WOOOOOOOOT!

1)should i spend $50 to get a 1.5gb mobo<in earlier entry i said 1.5mb of ram(lol what a newb<insert best sean connery laugh here) of ram at pc3200 only praying that it works because of the big "lie" or just stick with 1gb of pc2700 ram savin $50 and grief.
2)what video card would start to be overkill with a xp+3200 333mhzfsb/possible 400mhz if above question entitled "1)" is answered :D

to all those about to hit the buy button at alienware.com :D
i bid you WOOOOOOOOOT! and farewell
ok here ya go all you turdbox haters. just went to alienware.com to get my 7800gtx area 51 thinkin maybe they just slapped together a hard drive, mobo w/ operating system etc. barebones but with 7800gtx ..........NOT!

here's what you get for your hard earned $900. a 80gb hdd celeronD325 processor with 256mb of ram touting integrated graphics LOOOOOOOOOOOOL!

for $1948 160gb 840 extreme processor w/ 1gb of ram paired with the not so monstrous 6600gt(of which i plan to buy for my almost year old 160gb xp 3200+ dual layer dvd 48x lite-on cd with monitor and printer...o and a 8-in-1 media card reader<cheesy like the keyboard and mouse that came with it but other companies can only tout a faster processor mobo and processor a year later....but look at the price of the upgrade $1948 rotfl rotfl TURDBOX!... i tell you what i''l take another $600 to my local emachines turdbox dealer and get a 200gb athlon 64 3400+ 1gb of ram dual layer dvd...with the money i save from alienware i might just get a 7800gtx or a sweet wide screen lcd or EVEN BETTER......BOTH!

turdbox...yeah u're right
man i really need answers to my earlier two questions....they could even be guesses but my "buy" trigger finger is itchin and i need some sort of idea of what to do.
please for the love of everything holy
1)is pc3200 worth the risk of even tryin upgrade from pc2700(meaning new mobo might not even work causing me to ask "who do i sue" lol just kidding)
2) at what point is overkill video card speaking w/ a pc2700? xp 3200+ 160gb computer


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you need DDR400 to run today's games well. if you live near any local pc/pc repair shops, check them out. most of e'm can put a customer together a great system for a reasonable price.
I have the Samsung M3 68L6423FTN-CCC and they're running effectively at 400 MHz Dual Channel. So it's not the memory that's causing this problem

Heh, incidently, I found this thread (Google) trying to find information about overclocking my Samsung M3 68L6423FTN-CCC 512 MB sticks.

I just downloaded ClockGen from CPUID, and I wanted to make sure if the Samsung sticks are overclockable. And if so, what their limits are.

I have the MSI RS480M2-IL motherboard, by the way.


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the problem is that these oem makers have only one purpose in mind: to get your money. they'll do it anyway they can. they design thier machines to fail after the warranty. they implement parts that prevent the user from upgrading without sending the box in. they overcharge for low quality parts too. and, when the machine finally becomes obsolete (if it survives that long), it is worthless because most or all of it's parts are incompatible with other PCs.
Au31 / 400fsb

Well folks installing the graphics card works. My bios is now seeing my ram for what it is. I have a 512 stick of corsair pc 3200 on the board. Prior to intalling the graphics card the bios read it as 512/pc2700. after installing the graphics card it now sees it as 512/pc3200....and yes I can tell a difference in the speed.

Anyone wanting to get this mobo up to speed make sure you first update the mobo drivers and nvidia drivers which you can do at emachines website...first. I got a great deal on the graphics card at Comp USA. I got a geforce fx5200 128mb AGP with both VGA and DVI and a TV out for like $45.00 and it's a low profile model. It's a great little card. You will need to change the video settings in the bios from pci to agp/onboard and select 128mb. The bios reads agp/onboard.....the / means "and or". Meaning that once you install a graphics card in an agp slot on this board that it is now considered to be "onboard" but it will not use the system memory as it has its own 128mb.


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Fic Au31

Great info, I've been trying to figure out what to do with my e-machines h2865. I have the FIC AU31 mobo,but with an Athlon 2800+ Barton. I have been having memory problems, but can't tell if its the motherboard or the ram. The errors seem to occur in the part of the memory being used by the onboard video. Someone suggested that I buy the PC3200 memory instead of the PC2700 as its actually cheaper. I just wasn't convinced it would work.
From the info here it should. I also found FIC's info confusing, as it looks as though the 2800+ shouldn't fit this board, but it's working ish. This has been a very unstable system.
After a lot of research, I've been thinking of adding a bigger power source, a video card, and fans, lots of fans. I have noticed that when its out of the cabinet with the side off, it runs about 10 degrees C cooler and doesn't crash as much.
Does this sound really stupid? or should I start from scratch?
Any input appreciated.


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yer i heard some mobos let ya run ram faster than cpu, but some dont, check up if yur mobo supports this


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PC 3200 Ram works on FIC Au31 Mobo

Well i got some Kingston Dual PC 3200 Ram and it works. It reads as dual when I run Everest but at the 333 mz. Now I don't care about that I just wanted memory I could still use if it turned out that something on the motherboard was squirrilly (sp?). I also added a bigger power supply (from 250 W to 400 W) and a case fan. So far, so good. The Ram alone might have fixed some of my problems, we'll see. :D


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I honestly dont recomend any full/barebones pc's. It's a hell of alot cheeper not to mension i get to CHOOSE what i want for my PC. so screw Emachines, Screw Alienware, dell and gateway and all that other crap, build ur own from somewhere like tigerdirect or places that sell good quality parts for cheep, thats what i did, I got a new Asus A8N-SLI mobo, AMD 64-3000+ processor, 1g of memory, and a NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT 128mb SLI video card for all just under $700. cheep and good, ez to upgrade u can get a good quality case for $80 a good psu for $60 or less, everythings pretty cheep if u dont have the stuff already! go ahead and look at my web page for old pics, and New sys specs, (note the 1gb of memory isnt installed yet) And the benchmarks arnt quite good cus i didnt restart the PC in a few weeks and ive been playin games but their still not to bad, even for only 512mb of ram.
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