Pci Bus Mastering Problem

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Sep 14, 2006
  1. I Tried To Install A Linksys Network Card In My Computer But It Doesn't Work. I Wrote To Linksys Tech Support. They Told Me To Change Slot On The Mother Board But It Doesn't Work. I Got Different Network Card Dynex From Bestbuy. With This Card The Status Shows Connected And Sent Packets But It Doesn't Received. I Tried To Change The Irq From Device Manager But It Doesn't Allow To Do. Also, I Tried To Do It With The Bios But I Can Not. I Have Awardbios Setup Utility Revision 1001. Please If Somebody Can Help Me. I Really Appreciate It.
  2. Rik

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    Without knowing what your pc is or what windows version you are using it is impossible to offer any help!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Samstoned

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    obvious you know bout the bus mastering issue
    running W2K I have had problems with this
    on one test machine I got the nic to work on another no go
    if xp you can try looking into your bios settings and see if there is a feature for this
    update all hardware MB drivers update bios
    after this last update reset bios to optimum defaults
    I have it under one of the controller setting ,I think??
    intel board 6300 chipset I/O controller
    can be located under PCI devices advanced
    check the speed settings of FSB if you are overclocked the card may not handle this.
  4. freud

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    I'am using windows xp PROFESSIONAL
  5. freud

    freud TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I Can't Update My Bios

  6. Samstoned

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    diff MB's have diff written bio's panels
    go to your MB's website get manual
    should show these settings
    did you do a hardware conflict check in computer management

    I'm using a development bios on this machine
    my workstation thats not connected to WAN is a intel dual xeon again would not help you
    my NAS is also dual xeon last machine in my system is a cheapo amd

    phoenix award check Integrated Peripherals
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