PCI Conexant adsl modem problem

By Crazy#dude
Jul 30, 2005
  1. Conexant Accessrunner PCI adsl modem keeps losing synchroniztion to ISP modem.Drives me crazy :approve: . ISP's tech staff cant fix the problem, blaming modem for it, but Conexant modem reviews are quite good, and it started to happen 2months after fine going.So I'm bit desperate. My phone line is almost perfect(by technitian :rolleyes: ). No software or driver changes were applied, unles WinXP auto-updates(doubt it).

    Connection settings:
    Modulation:ANSI T1.413 i2(ISP preffers G.dmt, but now modem connects hardly with it and after a while resets to auto ANSI, etc.)
    Wiring: Automatic
    Encapsulation Mode: PPP over Ethernet LLCSNAP(RFC2516)

    Sys Spec:
    WinXP SP2 pro
    Pentium4 2.0ghz
    Abit AI7 motherboard
    Sapphire Radeon 9600pro
    SB !live 5.1
    Conexant PCI ADSL modem
    Samsung 40gb hd
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