PCI.SYS crash during Windows REFORMAT

By demolition
Mar 9, 2006
  1. Hi guys im new here im having a big problem with this new system im trying to build i cant figure out why im having this problem. ok here it goes

    I decieded to upgrade my system so i went to Frys and bought a CPU and Motherboard combo. Its a ECS motherboard with Dual DDR 400 support and a AGP express <---yes i said express ive never heard of it--- and it also has a PCI express slot . well make long story short i keep having this problem when i try to boot from the Win XP cd to reformat the drive it loads all the set up files then crashes in to this blue screen saying something like this :

    Windows has shut down this operation bla bla try changing video adapters or turn off BIOS caching or shadowing.

    pci.sys adress f853dobf base at f8583600
    datestamp 3b7d855c

    I have WD 120 Gb hd on cable select , 1 cd-rw rom drive, i just bought a PCI Geforce 7300 256mb vid card, my old ram from the old system PC2700 512mb made by legacy electronics, AMD dual core 3800 CPU , and the model of the mother board is K8T890-A.

    PLEASE HELP ME im stumped on this . Thanks alot

    email demolitionguy666@yahoo.com
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