PCIe problem on Asrock 939 Dual Sata

By willy0508
Mar 19, 2006
  1. Hi All,

    I took a stab on a refurb Powercolor X800xl cause I can RMA it if there are any problems (and it was $120 w/shipping - NewEgg). First question is can I just take the 9700pro agp out and put in the X800xl or are ther jumpers to switch? I tried this once and got one long beep and 9-10 quick beeps, then nothing. Also I've seen some cards with power connectors but this card doesn't have one. Do some need external power and are some just fine with the power from the PCIe slot? Anything I should change in the bios?

    Want to make sure it isn't me before I send the card back. Here's my setup:

    AMD A64 3200
    Asrock 939Dual SATA2 Mother board. (Mobo has both AGP and PCI express)
    400watt power supply(not sure brand, Came with the Soyo Dragon Case)
    1024 pc2700
    Win XP Home

    Anything else you need let me know.
    Thanks in advance

    Edit: saw this in the sticky 'one long, eight short Display / Retrace Test failure
    ' wonder if it's my vid card or the momo or something I missed :D
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