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PDA connector broke, fixable?

By james_k1988
Jul 24, 2007
  1. I purchased myself a Medion MDPPC 150 a while ago for its GPS capabilitys. I havnt had much of a chance to use it as much as id like to but i was planning to in the near future. However today i thought id take it "for a spin" and it was complaining of a low battery, so i plugged it in naturally to charge it, but the light didnt come on (which it did earlier this day when i first gave it a small charge)

    When i pulled out the connector, i saw that the "metal bit" that the connector slides into, seemed to have broken at one end, and came out at a slant while the other side stayed in. I tried my best to find a compromise but to no avail.

    I thought mybye it was just a small piece needed shifted so i attempted to open it up to see what the score was. The pda still worked fine until i got so far in the opening process and then it just cut out, and it hasnt came back on since. Although i scanned the whole thing and the only affected area is the one i mentioned earlier.

    (I dont know the technical terms so im going to be bleak here)
    The black bit that the connector plugs into (its very thin, inside the metal casing) seemed extremley loose. It has alot of pins at the back going down towards the circuit board, and they were just off. THey didnt look like they had broken however, from what i can see it looks as if they were just touching the circuit board. There are small silver bits for which im guessing the pins went, bt it doesnt really look like its snapped. I know that sounds weird. Anyway everything else is fine besides this bit. Im guessing (dont know much about circuitry) that ive messed up a circuit or something, but that doesnt really explain how it did work until i took the case off (unless doing that has split up the connectors). Oh and the reason the silver bit came out at a slant was because one of its sides had broken off from the circuit board (the bit that holds it down). Im guessing this may have pulled out that black bit.

    If need be i can get someone to join it up again if i dont feel happy with it, but if anyone here has an idea about these things please let me kno what you think, and if it can be fixed (i hope so :(). This is the only input connector slot into the pda so im pretty stuffed if i cant get it going again. Im willing to take it somewhere to get it mended but i'm unaware of the cost and if it will be neccesary.

    Here are some pictures, it explains it better than me. If more are needed i can take more


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