Peer-to-peer networking problem

By NonTechieTep
Nov 23, 2005
  1. Hopefully some of you clever people can solve this riddle, because I've run out of ideas. I have 2 computers, XP and 2000, connected via wireless Linksys adapters. The 2000 machine used to be connected to a DSL modem, and everything worked reasonably well - at least the internet connection was shared without any major problems. Last week, however, this set up stopped working. The 2000 could still access the internet, but the XP could not connect to it, although when you click on the wireless network icon it says it's connected. The 2000 can access files that are in the XP's shared folders, but the XP cannot access the 2000 - you get an error message saying it's not accessible. "You might not have permission to use this network resource." I've since the moved the modem to the XP, and it can access the internet, but then the 2000 cannot. I've tried various IP configurations and even got the whole thing working, but it stops after a while - always when I'm downstairs making myself a cup of coffee... Both machines can ping each other no problems, and the Internet connection is checked, but I'm clearly missing a trick here. Anyone any ideas?
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