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Peltier cooling

By CMH ยท 4 replies
Jun 8, 2005
  1. Recently in my bid to make a new PC, I stumbled across a peltier cooling system. I did some extensive reading on it (including consulting a friend who has a degree in materials engineering) and was wondering exactly how safe it is.

    Here's a list of some sites that might help.

    Okay, I know I need enough wattage on that thing, so I'm going to get a 200W rated peltier, with another power supply (non pc type), catering only for it.

    Also, read the third link on how to prevent condensation.

    Now, with my pondering: will it definately work? I mean, when you put up such a setup (the extra power supply will set you back about 200 bux) you don't really want it to work out less well than a good HSF. Not to mention you'd probably want to run watercooling with that.

    Another problem I think we'll face is this: being below 0 degrees will create condensation, sure, but its not the only problem faced. The PC is not designed to work at those temperatures. Will there be another problem which has not been brought up yet? especially since its only a certain part of the m/b that is chilled below 0, not the whole m/b.

    Will bringing down the temperature to below 0 (which I'm sure a 200W peltier will do, with the correct power) allow you to overclock your CPU way over what is conventionally possible?

    Also, although it will be elss effective, will using a peltier to create a cool environment in the PC actually help alot in the general life and speed of the PC (specifically the HDD)? And I'd probably need to find a way to increase the effectiveness by monitoring the cold air flow from the peltier. Need some ideas for that.

    Other than those few problems, I think peltiers are the best posible cooling system now. The more I read up on it, the more I feel like spending the money to get it (and overclock like crazy). Especially since such a system will be reuseable. Will someone that has tinkered with one give their opinions?

    p.s. I'm going to tinker around with a peltier soon, although not for computer use (making a mini fridge for the car). I hope this tinkering will give me the needed experience to modify and put it into the comp.
  2. 1000cc

    1000cc TS Rookie Posts: 70

    Money is not the issue . power supply neither since many of us have allready spare old power supply even a new 400 watts dedicated for the pelt only are relative cheap. i would only use pelts to chill the water in a water cooled system if the pelt fails your still safe. unless the can make a pelt that is not or work as insulation when dead i would never use one directly sandwish between a HS and the PCU.
  3. Justin

    Justin TS Rookie Posts: 942

    IF you are concerned about operating temperatures, your CPU will be able to operate just fine at below 0, most likely the motherboard as well. Although most motherboard manuals list nominal operating temperatures and give lows/highs, they usually are only concerned about the highs. If the circuits got TOO cold they could become superconductive, but a 200W peltier isn't going to get the temperature that low. I have operated CPUs that were in environments of -25C and below with no bad side effects aside from having to take extra care to prevent condensation.
  4. CMH

    CMH TechSpot Chancellor Topic Starter Posts: 2,039   +9

    Well, thanks for that feedback.

    And yeah, I did say I am going to play around, and I did have a thought on having the peltier cool the water instead of CPU directly. However, I was worried about other side effects, from what I read, a 200W peltier isn't a small one, and will most probably go below 0 easily. Which might cause the water to freeze, and create more problems. I must also add that chances of that occuring is pretty low, and I would have to test the rig out beforehand.

    Testing that would be another problem though, as I'd need a heatsource that mimics the heat a CPU generates...

    Also, after all that reading, the only reason a pelt would fail is because you connected it wrongly, or have too low powered pelt. Which probably will not be a problem in this case. Pelts are what they call solid waste, no electronics involved (unless you get that special thermostat), and basically made out of 2 pieces of metal or something.

    Again, thanks, and I'll continue with that tinkering I mentioned earlier...
  5. 1000cc

    1000cc TS Rookie Posts: 70

    water wont freeze if you use antifrezeeeeee . i doubt 1x 200 watt pelt well get that cold.
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