Pentium 4 EE to get a faster bus

By Julio Franco
Oct 1, 2004
  1. As previously reported, Intel is expected to introduce a faster front-side bus on an upcoming version of its Pentium 4 Extreme Edition processor. The new part should run at 3.46GHz and will support the faster 1066MHz FSB.

    We currently have no information on how these plans relate to reports of an even speedier 3.73GHz P4EE that boosts 2mb of L2 cache (along with the 2MB L3 cache common in EE models).

    According to an internal document on Intel's Web site first spotted by The Inquirer, Intel will soon release the 925XE chip set, a version of its recently introduced 925X chip set with support for a 1066MHz front-side bus. Current Pentium 4 chip sets use an 800MHz front-side bus to connect the processor to the memory. This is a vital link, or bottleneck, that plays an important role in determining the overall performance of a system.
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