Performance issue in Far Cry with pny geforce 6800 GT

By peacefull76
Dec 4, 2004
  1. Okay heres my specs :

    mobo: intel 865GBFL
    CPU: intel p4 3.2E 800 fsb w/HT
    RAM: 1024 mb ddr 400
    VGA: PNY geforce 6800 GT 256 mb ddr 3
    Sound: Sound Blaster live 5.1
    O/S: Windows XP pro w/sp2
    HD: 40 GIG Maxtor 6E040L0

    Well my problem is, im getting anoying skippings while playing Far Cry. let me explain, if i dont shoot for a while, it will lag for about 1 sec the next time i shoot, as if the game didnt keep the action in the memory or something like that. im not running the game at particuliary high details for my card (no AA, no AF 1024*768) and im pretty sure i should get better performance than that. The game is fully updated so is the graphic card and all my hardware.

    another problem im been having is well it seems to me that my pc is somewhat lazy cuz everytime i do something for the first time or after waiting a bit, its real slow... is there a way to keep my pc always alert ?cuz as i say i feel that as soon as its done doing some work, it seems to me that it shut down some of its processing power only to have to restart it again wich is taking too much time for me :p

    P.S. soory for my bad english :p
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