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Jun 5, 2006
  1. I did a quick search but did not return anything I was looking for, I am looking for a software that can delete files from the system, that are already deleted. Sure I can download a shredder or secure deleter to erase some new files, but I want to make those "recoverable" files "unrecoverable" because I am going to sell my computer soon, and I don't want anyone to recover the deleted files. I did not keep any sensitive data on my computer but even cookies, a few pictures here and there and my homeworks could be easily restored.

    I downloaded one, I forgot the name sorry, but it messed up my Norton and norton kept popping up with "recovery is not available" error, I found the solution for that but isn't there a software that can search the computer for recoverable deleted files and delete them permenently.

    I use tp:// to check my system, and it returns thousands of old files that I can recover, which I want deleted.

    I believe another solution would be just overflowing computer with a script, that first checks the available hard drive space, and starts creating a file that keeps filling itself with data until it reaches a few KBs less than available space, and deletes itself, maybe that can remove the old files?

  2. paranoid guy

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  3. pablocordoba

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    I am now trying Eraser. I hope this works, since it has "Delete unused disk space" feature.

    If there is any other one you know, please let me know.
  4. Rik

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    Another thing that may help is to get rid of that norton rubbish. That bit of software has caused far far more problems than it has ever cured. Personally, i wouldn't touch it with someone else's bargepole!!!!

    Even google spellchecker makes the word norton come up red!!!
  5. pablocordoba

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    Eraser didn't do so well and caused "access violation" and had to be force-ended.

    The ccleaner was not to the point and dropped a file here and there.

    Other programs I tried were not specifically for erasing deleted-content or making files unrecoverable.. Isn't there a tool just for this?
  6. paranoid guy

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  7. pablocordoba

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    Thanks Paranoid guy, but went offline, and the link at above site doesn't work (they probably did not mirror a copy of the exe in their servers) but maybe I should start searching for "Trace Remover" or something like that but it sounds so mysterious.. ;)
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    you can use a utility that will do a low level format of your hdd (writing 0's) before you sell it off.. it will pretty much make the hdd "factory new", minus wear and tear..

    that way you can be assured that no data is kept on the disc, untill you write new ones to it (like reinstall the OS). Even if its recoverable, its just plain stupid and time consuming to try, unless you're bored enough to leave the pc 24/7 on with some very, very expensive equipment and software to restore data... in other words: very hard.

    and you can run it multiples times too :D

    You can obtain such software FREE from your HDD manufacturer's website directly, or use a third party app up to you.. but mind you, it will wipe the whole HDD, and that does include your partitions (if you choose to), MBR, and data area. Everything.

    Now thats security concious for you :D. Alternativly, go to the shops and get yourself a 80gb or whatever for 50 or so dollars hdd.. brand new, and you still keep your files to yourself :)
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