phantom message queues in server 2000

By MrNemo
Aug 20, 2007
  1. I can't figure this one out-

    I created about 7 private message queues on two Windows 2000 server builds.

    After coming back from lunch, the both had a slew of other private queues with some other name that had apparently been used on servers in the past. Nobody had touched them and they aren't in a cluster.

    Now people think I don't follow build docs and added something I just happened to have seen on another server, because, I was told, "You can only add those manually."

    Is this true? All I did after creating these queues is:

    Imported some COM+ objects
    Created some virtual directories
    Imported some reg settings from another server for some software
    registered some components

    I can't figure out how they got there, but I am POSITIVE that I didn't put them there; it is so weird! Is there some way that queues can be moved around?
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