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By Grimish
Mar 22, 2004
  1. I got a condenser mic, and I was wondering It said this Aurilium has a built In pre amp, does that mean my mic cord would fit like, the Input? please help, cause If I can get a soundcard with a built preamp already that killin two birds with one stone...
  2. lowman

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    Having a preamp or not has nothing to do with what kind of jack the microphone (or any other device for that matter) will fit. It has to to with internal processing or amplification the device will apply to the sounds before sending them to whatever device you have next in your effects chain.
    May I ask what you are recording? That makes a big difference as far as what components you will need or should think about getting (IE - if you are just recording spoken words or something - that's one thing, but if you are doing vocals over music, perhaps a more robust set of hardware would be in order).
  3. Grimish

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    Well I do like online battles, rap and ect. all I got now Is a headset mic, I got a dell 2300 by the way, I wasn't sure If you could change the internal soundcard without sendin It back to dell, so I wanted to go the external route, and my quality Is bad with the headset, I want a better sound quality all around so I decided to upgrade to a condenser and all the online rappers I've spoken to say I need a preamp, but a few other people say even if you get a good mic and preamp when your doin recordin on a pc, It's all about the soundcard, so I decided to kill two bird swith one stone when I saw the aurilium. I'm not sure I got much else to ask, but does It work. Cause I don't wanna have a useless external soundcard.

    Do I need to get Aurilium and preamp both...
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