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Physical memory dump error (blue screen)

By death ยท 82 replies
Dec 11, 2004
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  1. Hey guys;

    I was playing NHL 2005 and in the middle computer halted and blue screen error popped up. It said the computer needs to be turned off to prevent further damage to the computer.
    The error was following:
    ***STOP: 0X00000008E(0XC0000090, 0X004B4BD8, 0XEE25885C, 0X00000000)

    Beginning dump of physical memory.
    Physical memory dump complete.............contact system adminstrator, etc.

    What does it mean? How can I prevent it? Is it a dangerous error?

    Any suggestions will be helpful.

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

  3. death

    death TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 46

    I updated my ATI display driver and have all the latest drivers. However, I don't have nvidia card, I have ATI card 8500 64MB and I have Athlon XP 2100+, 512 DDR (Samsung, 2x256DDR) ram, Soltek mobo. I have tried Omega drivers, but nothing seems to work. I checked the site with all the "stop" errors, but I couldn't find the exact errors as I am getting, they are following:

    STOP: 0x0000008E(0xC0000090,0x00795B62,0xF143485C,0x00000000)
    STOP: 0x0000008E(0xC0000090,0x004B4BB7,0xF05BB85C,0x00000000)
    STOP: 0x0000008E(0xC000008F,0x7C036449,0xF0B5485C,0x00000000)

    it also says at bottom: Beginning dump of physical memory. Physical memory dump complete.

    I started getting these after I played "Call of Duty". As u guys know "Call of Duty" has a problem of crashing, so I tried different versions of display drivers by ATI.

    If you need anymore information I can provide it.

    Any other suggestions will be appreciated.
  4. HoopaJoop

    HoopaJoop TS Rookie Posts: 90

    If they happen outside of games you may have a physical memory problem.

    Those look like errors caused by another application intruding into windows memory space. If it happens just in one or two games you may want to uninstall as many applications as possible, trying the offending application after each uninstall. Also try reinstalling the offending app.

    Hope this helps.
  5. death

    death TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 46

    They don't happen outside of games. I only play NHL 2005 and BF1942 online. Sometimes I don't get blue screen error, but the games freeze. So I have to shut my computer and start again. I have installed new memory slot (samsung 256MB DDR) about 6-7 months ago and it has been working fine. Do you think it is a Display Driver problem? I have been trying different versions of ATI Catalyst drivers. Now, I have v3.6.

  6. HoopaJoop

    HoopaJoop TS Rookie Posts: 90

    It could be. You may want to install the latest drivers and directx if they are dx games.

    I still think it may be an install problem. I would think some app is intruding in windows memory space to cause those blue screens. I could be wrong.
  7. death

    death TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 46

    I have had latest drivers and I do also have latest directx. I have so many applications installed on my computer like Norton internet security 2005, Adobe photoshop CS, Microsoft streets and trips, Nero, and so on............Do you know any particular application which may cause this problem? Also, Do you think getting Windows XP Service Pack 2 will help? I have checked for viruses and adwares...........no improvement.

    Thanks for your help
  8. HoopaJoop

    HoopaJoop TS Rookie Posts: 90

    While service pack 2 has many fixes and enhancements, I've always wanted to fix a problem before installing a service pack. There are of course exceptions. If there is documentation saying that a service pack, or patch will fix a specific problem then I go ahead with it. I just don't assume that a service pack will fix the problem. I think of them as more prevention.

    Anyway, it's generally not a bad idea to update to service pack 2. Just don't expect it will fix the problem. If it does...you'll be pleasantly surprised.

    Again, I would uninstall any unnecessary apps one by one and run the offending app after each try. This is of course after you've already uninstalled and reinstall one of the apps that consistantly cause the issue. I understand that there are more than one app that causes the lockup, but I'd just try to get one working and hope the others get fixed as well. This is a slow and painfull method of elimination, but it's controlled.
  9. cRi$kOe

    cRi$kOe TS Rookie

    hey thats really strange cause i was having the same problem. I too also play bf2 and nhl hockey 2005...
    I figured out that i use omega drivers for video drivers and i was useing forceware 6.66 drivers for my platform ( ie ethernet... smbuss ext..) that i just updated from 6.53.... I didnt think that that would be a problem but i guess it was...they must not have gotten along...lol....... its all running smooth now.... try updateing your platform drivers as well not just your video drivers... find out what make and chipset you motherboard is and search for updated drivers.. istall them and voila.. i will bet anything that thats your problem.........
  10. Issc29

    Issc29 TS Rookie

    Blue screen

    ok the "blue screen of death" as i call it happens when windows suffers a serious error. if you see it once or twice it should not affect you. if it happens often, you should reformat your harddrive. Again, The blue screen usually never will bather you again.
  11. uNkind

    uNkind TS Rookie

    mini dump during mic/webcam, valve games

    512 RAM
    Processor Pentium 4 2.6 GHz
    Video Card ATI RADEON 120 MB
    Processor's tempirature is 41-44 degrees max.

    My computer restarts when i use mic/webcam during MSN conversation (all kinds of messemgers). It restarts when i use steam (Counter Strike1.6 and all kinds of valve games).
    When i play World of Warcraft my computer stucks so i have to restart it my self. When it restarts by itself it shows me blue screen of death. Sometimes during valve games my sound card stops playing sound or computer restarts or it stucks. Tell me what do i have to do.
  12. Cadie

    Cadie TS Rookie

    Same problem kinda any help ??

    ok heres the deal..(long winded Im sorry =( )

    About 2 months ago I had to replace the MB, Chip and powersupply... after doing that I reinstalled windows.. un fortunalty the disk i had was scratched pretty bad and it lost a lot of files.. however unstable it ran... I play WoW.. and the locking up finally got to me and I decided it was time to put a clean install on my puter without missing files... so i did... I wiped the drive completely and the computer runs great.. UNTIL ... I installed a new copy of WoW and when I go to download the updates it gets so far and then i get a Blue Screen and it says the following

    A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down
    to prevent damage to your computer.
    NTFS File System
    if this is the first time you've seen this screen, restart
    your computer. If this error happens again, follow these

    Technical information:
    ***STOP: 0x00000024 (0x00000000, 0x00000000x, 0xf7adc2c3)
    ***Crash hdd.sys - address is 0f7adc2c3

    dump physical memory complete.

    After that flashes its evil face at me the system reboots.. seems the ONLY time its doing this is when I try to download the updates for WoW... I thought maybe it was my RAM but I tried all of the sticks individually and it did it on all of them when I try to do that download... Any Ideas???? HELPPPPPPP!!
  13. rawraven

    rawraven TS Rookie

    physical memory dump

    Hi I am a bit computer retarded so I am completely confused by the message and blue screan saying " physical memory dump" on my son's brand new computer that is 2 days old.
    He just turned it on this morning and that was the message and he said he can't even boot it up in safe mode.
    Any thoughts or should I just return it ASAP???
  14. AlessandraA

    AlessandraA TS Rookie

    Hey guys :)

    Well i have the basic computer knowledge, but out of nowhere my computer told me it was gonna force itself to restart in _ _ seconds.

    And it did. When it started, it took me directly to the screen where you can pick how to continue: safe mode and normal windows are the ones i can remember but it has like 3 more.
    i tried normal more, safe mode, and last mode, and it took me to the "blue screen of death", with the message that says "Beginning dump of physical memory. Physical memory dump complete." and restarts into this loophole again. This really sucks.

    how can i just back-up or make my computer normal again?
  15. lanman

    lanman TS Rookie

    physical memory dump

    i get the physical memory dump whenever i install power iso. it asks to restart the desktop gets half way loaded then it comes up. im sick of fixing this i just want power iso to work!
    i have

    Dell latitude d820
    win xp pro
    genuine intel(R) CPU T2600 @ 2.16GHz
    2.00 GB of ram
    nividia quadro nvs 120m 512MBytes
    anything else? i dunno what the actual error is bue if u need it to help ill get it again...
    help plz!!!
  16. Koobere

    Koobere TS Rookie

    I have a physical memory dump screen! Help

    I was on my computer surfing the net and the blue physical memory dump screen came up.

    The error was:

    ***stop:0x0000000A (0x00000004,0x00000002,0x00000000,0x804EC29D)

    It has occured before but rarely.
    Now it happens all the time!
  17. jerseyjeff

    jerseyjeff TS Rookie Posts: 19

    reinstall hardware problem

    OK, here's one for you. I reinstalled the operating system on an older Dell Latitude 600 laptop that had Windows XP professional with Windows XP for home, which I have been using on my newer edition Dell Inspiron 700 laptop. Now the older Dell has the XP home OS running fine, but when I go to connect to the internet, it says I am missing network hardware and it can't connect. I have looked around msconfig in Run but I can't see what I'm doing wrong, unless it is physically missing something but I don't know why that would be because it connected to the internet fine before I reinstalled the new OS. I have the drivers and devices disk but it doesn't seem to want to do anything. Any ideas? jerseyjeff
  18. BeBeGuRl616

    BeBeGuRl616 TS Rookie

    I have windows XP on my parents' PC, and I use to get the "blue screen of death" every 2-3 restarts, but it would run fine the next time it was restarted, it didnt really bother me that much. I eventually got sick of dealing with that and told my mom if it was running she shouldn't turn it off at night, so we agreed. Last week I found it turned off and when I turned it on I was getting the dumping physical memory sign every 5 minutes without starting any programs. It was very frustrating. Is there a fix for this w/out needing to reformat the harddrives because I have no idea how to do that w/out losing all our files. Thank you!
  19. cfitzarl

    cfitzarl TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,975   +9

    Most likely a driver issue.
  20. The Other Mugsy

    The Other Mugsy TS Rookie

    L'o everyone, im new in this forum, i've had this memory dump problem for nearly 3 years.

    It all started when i switched from NVIDIA to ATI, so i jumped from a NVIDIA 5200 to a SAPPHIRE 9600XT, good card, ran fine in alot of the games i had, i had barely any slowdown playing Half-Life 2. Then i started playing this one game called Knight Online, after playing it for a while i got a memory dump,i stopped playing that game, but since then everything i have been getting memory dumps.

    I switched cards, to an X800GTO, i still have the same problem, the first couple of times, i formatted my harddrive to fix the problem, i keep getting the same problem, then i started changing video drivers, again, i keep getting the same problem.

    The memory dumps happen randomly, it recently happend when i was just starting up windows, though i get them most often using Internet Explorer, or, of course, playing games, most notably World of Warcraft or Guild Wars., in some cases i can't even walk for a minute without it giving me a memory dump.

    so i started searching for any other solutions, supposedly ATI cards (at least my 9600XT) have a conflict with VIA motherboards specifically, so i guess one solution is to switch back to NVIDIA, other than that, i dont see any other solutions, can anyone please help me?
  21. cowboy_uk

    cowboy_uk TS Rookie

    hello all,

    I'm not gonna be a regular user of this forum i just thought I'd try to help everyone out with this issue because it was driving me flipin insane til I cracked it a few weeks ago. I even blamed my grafix card which is a nice galaxy zalman premium 7900GS 512mb geforce, was almost gonna send it back! anyways.... the reason why the blue screen of death comes up telling you rubbish when playing only a game usually... and refers to physical memory dump... is because the OS hasnt got enough virtual memory usage for the drive your using. basically all you have to do is check how much memory your paging file is set to be using.

    to do this open system>advanced>performance tab to settings>advanced>virtual memory to change

    in the new window you will be shown how much minimum and maximum your using for your paging file. when i checked mine it was 1000MB lower than the recommended amount, which is displayed at the bottom of the window... you should have it set to custom size, and set the initial amount to what the recommended amount says at the bottom of the window, and the maximum should have already been set by default, on my pc it says 4092MB, on yours it might be higher or lower - whatever just leave that bit alone. now click set and then ok. reopen to that window to check that the bottom of the window displays the current amount the same as the recommended amount, make sure its on a custom setting and make sure that the maximum allocation is not touched. If for some bizare reason your maximum amount to start with was set to a lower amount than the initial amount... increase it at your discretion, i would recommend at least 1200MB higher than your recommended initial amount. restart your pc, and play your problem game or 3D app. so far ive been playing all my games round the clock for 2 weeks and since i did that not once have i seen any death screen, had any crashes or anything - it seems to have solved the problem. next thing is to do is not essential but recommended... go to:

    system>advanced>startup and recovery tab to settings. in the new windows at the bottom where is says write debuging info.... change the setting to complete memory dump, and tick overwrite any existing file (default). finally untick automatically restart. now restart again to apply the changes.

    NOTE: if after you restart your pc after any blue screen of death and you logon and windows explorer just keeps crashing and you basicaly cant even use your pc....

    whilst the send error report/dont send box is up... go to system>advanced>performance tab to settings>data execution prevention.

    click on "turn on DEP for all programs and services except those i select. now click add, and browse to C:\WINDOWS\explorer and highlight it and add it to the list, then restart pc. now you shouldnt be bothered! and if you are still having DEP bothering you about other things.... its not recommended but you can actually turn it off manually.

    go to system>advanced>startup and recovery tab to settings.

    in the new windows click edit. BE VARY CAREFUL here... if you mess up any other lines or spaces to how the BOOT.ini file is originally your PC wont boot your OS at all and you will be totally screwed with only option to format or repairing with the recovery console from your windows cd. all you gotta do it locate the bit that says "/NoExecute=" (without quotes). It will have a command after the =. if you didnt touch DEP yet it should say "Optin", and if youve edited DEP it should say "OptOut" (all without quotes). Delete whatever the command is and make it to "AlwaysOff" exactly as that without quotes, and without removing any spaces (if there are any) if it is in the middle of the text field. in otherwords highlight only the text after the = and delete.. add AlwaysOff and then close. when prompted to save click save and thats it... restart pc and now DEP will be totally off for the whole system.... highly unrecommended but if your system is that messed up and you dont wana format you can get by for the time being with this tweak.

    this should all help the blue death screen problem because of games and any other DEP related problems after youve had a crash. wana ask any more questions my email is
    w1pe0ut.uk@gmail.com... prefer msn.
  22. 1sky_1destiny

    1sky_1destiny TS Rookie

    physical memory dump........

    hello every1

    i need HELP, to know what to do with my pc.
    wenever i turnoff my pc it shows me a blue screen with lots of stuff written on it....few of them are :
    STOP 0X0000050(0XFFFFF60,0X00000000,0X804FA26F,0X0000000)
    after tis it again restarts....

    i have 80gb with 504mb of ram in my pc with WINDOWS XP nd P4 processor

    but what to do about this error can ny1 help me with these errors without loosing my data.

    thanking in advance.
  23. steiner

    steiner TS Rookie

    memory dump

    Thank u, cowboy_uk

    Some months ago I had performed a set of methods like yours to decrease memory usage & was not helped .
    Even more, the problem continued after migrating to Linux.
    i think it needs only to tune up BIOS: turn off harddisk cash, tune up IDE, check if new memory corresponds with motherboard.
  24. lamborghinimur

    lamborghinimur TS Rookie

    The same screen came up for me but I was watching a video on Youtube when suddenly that screen came up. But I was not playing any games. But I had just downloaded DVD Shrink and Nero burning rom and my virus protector (ZoneAlarm) told me I had a virus so I quarantined it and uninstalled both new programs and deleted them......
    It happened again the next day same message except this time it happened right after I restarted it from a Windows update, no programs were running (besides background programs maybe.) After i had shut it down a message appeared saying Windows has detected a serious error (or something similar) and it had a Sent error report option. Another thing that keeps happening (I'm not positive it's related to this problem) is I've been getting allot of spyware when I do a scan and I've never got any before, Type Trojan, Name Win32.Askyaya, Risk, Medium.
  25. wikiwiki66

    wikiwiki66 TS Rookie

    Hello, i had a similar situation..

    Hello, I'm new on this forum, but well i had a similar problem. I had 2 laptops, one Dell 600m and one Dell 8500 both are inspiron.

    Well on my 600m i had two modules of memory, one of 1GB and one of 512MB, yesterday when i was doing some browsing on internet i got the Blue Screen with same message, Physical Memory Dump Error. Well i reset it and i go ti again, i take out the 1GB module and reset it and since the i had no problem, today i switch a module of memory on my Dell 8500 that i use at my office as desktop and installed the 1GB module and after no more than 2 minutes on windows XP i got the blue screen as i got it before on my 600m, so i got in conclusion that my 1GB module fail, even i used before for a long time and never had a problem of blue screens.

    I do not know how to test it by itself or WHY do they fail suddenly. But what i found is using it on any of my two Dell laptos i got blue screen for PMDE.

    The other hardware that is an equivalent on both is the Hitachi 7200 RPM HD i got on both, but why without that 1GB memory i got no Blue screens? In fact on this laptop where i'm working now (Dell 8500) i had another 1GB module and one 256MB stick, both are same brand which is diferent from the one mentioned before, which i just left it at my home.

    Well i hope this could help a little more.



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