Playing Counter-strike : Source - Ping Stupidly High.

By slipkorngirl
Jun 8, 2005
  1. Playing Counter-strike : Source - Ping(latency) Stupidly High.

    hey, im on 512kb broadband, but they bumped it up to 1mbs, so i didnt think id get that high a ping. I went on counter-strike : source...started playing, and my ping(latency) was reaching things like 300 and 350! then i thought it might be the server. I switched servers and ping(latency) went up to 770!!!!!!! :( i dont know what else to do... i closed everything in the background, and i think i have a pretty decent pc :(

    system : microsoft windows xp home edition version 2002, service pack 2
    computer : intel (R), pentium (R) 4 CPU 2.40ghz. 2.39ghz,512mb of RAM

    can you guys out there help me love to play this game with decent preformance :(

    ps: yes i am stuck behind a router...but i havent changed anything becuase i dont wanna break it. What do i need to do to my router to get the ping down?
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