Playing Games On Big Televisions??

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Nov 9, 2004
  1. Is it safe to play Playstation 2, Xbox, and Gamecube on big screen T.V.s now? I used to hear that it would damage the T.V.

    I might be getting a big screen T.V. for Christmas and I'd like to know if this is still a problem.

    Its probably going to be a choice between one of these T.V.s.

    Magnavox 51" HDTV-Capable Digital Widescreen


    Akai 42" HDTV-Capable Digital Widescreen

    Both of these TVs can be found in this weeks Hhgregg paper. Page 1 has the Magnavox, and page 4 has the Akai. Both sound like really good deals, and my parents are considering getting me one.
    Link to the paper:

  2. Godataloss

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    Will your parents adopt me?

    Burn in is supposed to be a factor for rear projection crt televisions, but mine has endured 3 years of Halo play with out any noticable problems. Just dont leave the tv running when you arent playing and if you are really worried, use the different aspect ratio's and zooms that your set will be capable to move the static images around the screen. Plasma's are the ones you really have to watch for burn in (so I'm told).
  3. mstpaintball

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    :haha: lol

    Alright, thanks for the tips. :chef:
  4. Akio

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    mstpaintball, how old are you? Hahaha, I mean you get a big screen TV for christmas?!? Your parents must be rich, I got a TV for Christmas a few years back and it was only a 20 inch! And that was the only thing I got. It's true as you get older you get less gifts... Ughh, I miss the good ole days.
  5. mstpaintball

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    I'm 19, and I'll be 20 April 1st. I'm not ashamed to admit it, I don't see myself moving out anytime soon. Have a friend that tried to get a apartment with a roommate over the summer, I don't think he lasted 1 1/2 months on his own lol. And now hes living back with his parents. I'm hoping to get into acting, and working for my parents while living at home I'm hoping is going to give me the flexibility I think I'm going to need.
    My parents really don't give gifts or anything during the year, so they usually try to do their best with Christmas. I wouldn't say they're rich though, but they're working on it with their business's. :grinthumb
  6. Akio

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    Hahaha, we do that for our mom too. We get her Season Tickets for the Mariner's. (Which isn't worth it! But she likes Baseball) And it's the only thing we get her all year. They are kind of expensive though, hahaha.
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