Playing MP3 as 5.1

By Crazy
Dec 11, 2007
  1. I upgraded to windows vista today. If it can be called an update, I lost more functionality then I gained, but anyway.

    In the past I always used winamp to play my mp3's and you could upsample your mp3's(2channel) to make a 5.1 out. Came in really handy because I have a Home Theater System connected to my computer.

    For windows vista this option isn't available in winamp.
    My question, are there any other players that do the same?

    Vista has something like that build in but my supperwoofer doesn't work with it(all the other speakers do).

    Another thing I tried was to install my old "Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum". But when installing the drivers the install says "no supported hardware found" or somethign like that :). Any way to solve this?

    Another thing I lost was nvidia's nview, i really hope they put it in one of the next releases(read something about spring 2008)

    An amazing 5min after i posted this I solved my problem of my woofer not playing.
    But if anyone know a better way to do it, plz let me know. I'm still not happy with the performance of my rear speakers.
    Solved my problem by doing this:
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