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By Browncoat ยท 11 replies
Oct 14, 2006
  1. A co-worker plays WoW at work all the time. I know he uses a form of a proxy server at his house, and connects to it through either port 20, 21, and 22 which all works. I'm trying to make a proxy server, or I'm guessing a web proxy server, but I can't find a site. had something, but I'm not sure if it works. If you guys could help, or give me a site that can help I really appreciate it.
  2. TimeParadoX

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    So basicly you just want a proxy to play WoW on a seperate computer (at work) ?
  3. tomrca

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    do you think i could get a job at your place to play games???
  4. Browncoat

    Browncoat TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 28

    Yes paradox, that's what I want. And I'm a computer Operator, they want me to site there for 8 and a half hours doing nothing, but I don't
  5. TimeParadoX

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    Hmm... I wouldnt know how to do that.. sorry Browncoat maybe Howard would know =D
  6. Browncoat

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    Howard? It's SOCKS proxy server. I just need to find one that I don't have to pay for.
  7. meNOname

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    well, not really sure what you need proxy wise, wouldnmt call myself a genius
    but used a proxy switcher to get around the web blocks at my high school...

    Proxy Switcher Standard it was called....
    google it..
    prolly not much help, but GL
  8. Sharkfood

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    Find out what operating system he's using at home. This can be done but you'll most likely want:
    (a) Linux as your host at home as these have bundled/high-performance SOCKS4 and SOCKS4 proxy services.
    (b) Good uplink AND downlink latency. Many generic ISP's/broadband have horrible up-link performance and latency.
    (c) Static IP (although there are scripting ways to get around this if you don't mind changing your WoW client config often).

    With all of the above, it's pretty simply to configure SOCKS 5 proxy server to relay on the port of your choice out to WoW's servers.
  9. Browncoat

    Browncoat TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 28

    I do need a SOCKS server, but I'm trying to look around for a "user friendly" one. I downloaded antinat, but thats....not user friendly. I have SOCKS Cap on my laptop, I just need the server
  10. YosefM

    YosefM TS Rookie Posts: 41

    I would think the easiest thing would be to ask your coworker for his solution. One of my bosses at HP did this after hours, but he was the admin for a clan running their own hacked WOW server, and the preferred solution there was the SOCKS client from Hummingbird (not free or even cheap). I recall the server was a co-located box on The Planet bandwidth.
  11. Browncoat

    Browncoat TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 28

    Ok, the situation is even more complicated then it seems. I really need help. I found a SOCK server called sock puppet, and it's the same one that my co-worker uses. I'm also using sockscap to connect to the server, as well as SocksChain. Now when I set everything up, I tried connecting using SocksCap, but it immediately says it couldn't connect. I was thinking that maybe something on the server side was blocking me.

    Then I tried entering the ip on SocksChain. Now usually it gives me an error when I try to put the ip in,says "win32 error", but when I did it this time it didn't. I thought it would work, so I use it to use the launcher for Wow and then put in my password and it goes from connecting, to authenticate, and then to disconected by server. I'm guessing that something on the server side is blocking access because when I tried using some other server(I thought it was a server) from and when it loaded up, it said it senses a firewall. The thing is the update only goes up to service pack 1 on the computer so I know it's not windows firewall, but I don't know what else it could be. I'm thinking about either updating the computer to service pack 2, or reformating it which I only want to use as a last resort.
  12. YosefM

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    I feel honor-bound to issue the obligatory warning that circumventing the local security measures could totally wreck your IT career and suggest you set your sights on some online time-waster that isnt risky & doesnt require extensive setup. Personally, I bring a book to work for those slack times when I'm just a warm body monitoring the systems - there, now I feel better :D

    Rules for t/s'ing network issues - move up the OSI model & move from simple to complex. Dont assume connection point a goes through the same devices as connection point b - even though they may be next to each other physically.

    1) Verify that your setup works from a simple, known topology.
    2) Learn all you reasonably can about the topology at your workplace, otherwise you can waste a lot of time guessing.
    3) Duplicate the working setup on your laptop.
    3a) Once 3 works, point the client to your server - if this works, your server is verified, if not modify server settings until it does.
    3b) Once 3a works, substitute your client, and modify settings until it works.
    4) If 3 doesnt work, it's likely the underlying platform (os, other installed programs, etc). SP2 did fix some things in the XP network kernel, so I would suspect this first.
    5) Verify (as far a possible) that you & your co-worker have the same level of access through any internal security (VPN, firewalls, etc).
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