Playstation 2 Memory Card Access Problems

By ADobert1
Oct 30, 2007
  1. I bought guitar hero 3 last night for playstation 2. When i went to play, it said the memory card was full. When i go to the console's browser, it recognizes the memory card is in the slot but no matter what i did i couldn't access the card to free up some space on it. Does anyone have any ideas for me to try short of buying a new memory card? Thanks a lot!
  2. Try it again? I don't think there is really all that much you could do with a memory card to try and get it working, blow in the slot thing to make sure there is no dust in there.

    Try it on another PS2 if you can.
    Have you tried it with other games?
    Can you still load off it?

    if it's buggered buy a new one, they aren't that expensive anymore. give ebay a look if you use it.
  3. kcndfan

    kcndfan TS Rookie

    I actually found this site by googling the exact same issue. We purchased guitar hero 3 on Saturday. It plays fine but will not save. Now when I put my memory card in, the browser finds it, but you cannot access it. I put it in my son's PS 2 and it works fine and I can access it right away. It doesn't matter whether the GH 3 game is in or not, the system will not find the memory card. I then grabbed the memory card out of my sons game and it will not work either in the one that has played the GH3 game but works fine in his system. Sounds to me as there is some problem with GH3 that has locked up the memory card slots in the console.
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