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Jan 27, 2006
  1. Alright heres the deal. I have an HP computer, usually I don't buy computers by brand I usually either build it myself or have it custom made. I am not a noob here.. so :p But here is my problem. Yesterday my computer crashed because someone decided to pull out the power cord while I was playing a game. Because of ths my computer wouldn't even be able to fully load, I mean it would get to the interface but lag reallly horribly. So Im like.. lets use this recovery thing at the start (F10). Well it said that the data wouldn't be lost, but to me I cannot find my data! This is a problem since I Had almost 40 gigs of music on the computer, which I really need. So you may be saying ok, well theirs nothing you can do. But whats bothering me, is when I look at the space left on my pc its the same as before the recovery tool. Meaning all that music and files are still here... isn't that so? But I cannot find my folder, or the music or anything. Its like a clean install. All i have left is my installed data like my Americas Army, or Spybot. The rest.. is gone. Can anyone help me? Is their any way to retreive this lost data. Or how do I go about freeing up my space ?

    Edit: Somethign else to add. I have all my programs. They appear on the desktop I can use them like winamp. But when I go to Add/Remove programs they do not appear their. These programs are from my previous setup before the recovery.
  2. JMMD

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    Do you only have one hard drive in the system? Is there only one drive partition?

    There are a few data recovery programs out there. I like one called GetDataBack. You need to get the version for whatever filesystem you use (i.e. NTFS, Fat, etc).
  3. loupegarou

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    Have you looked at the different profiles on your machine?
    c:\documents and settings
    You should see
    and such.
    Look under these folders and check the *previous location* like my music folders under the my docs folder in each.
  4. alidabiri

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    some recovery sites are here

    you can also google for it like this:
    "file recovery"+freeware
  5. broken

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    Well ok I used the GetBackData, and I Found all my stuff was in the "userdata" in C:, I tried to access it by clicking on the folder but it says Access on C: is denied. So I used the Get Data Back, but somethign happened. I got all my music and programs back 3 problems:

    1) PSD's and all my info is recognized, because to the computer its a clean reformat, but I have the program adobe photoshop I can use it if I wanted to, just the PSD files appear corrupt.

    2) ALl my music is scrambled all over the place, it isn't what it seems, I could click on as ong and it would be a totally difffrent son or sometimes a movie! everything was messsed around. Can I fix this? Get back into order?

    3) Apart from all that, some programs have broken links, like i double click my daemon tools, (from previous installation) and I get a stupid error (no language support detectd) its a mess.

    Im really upset with HP computers recovery, so it leaves all the programs you installed, but now the files associated with the program can't find the path? Its pathetic, its like im working on 2 computers.
  6. Iona

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    If you have windows xp then try system restore. Only Windows XP and windows ME have this.
  7. broken

    broken TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yea thats the thing, I did a system recovery, I can't do a system resotore now.
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