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Jan 27, 2007
  1. Hi guys,

    I've recently just hooked my laptop up through ethernet cable to a shared internet connection.

    I opened thunderbird to send an email through one of my mail accounts which is hooked up to its own unique online smtp server through its webhost only to receive the error message that I must change the smtp to the shared Internet connection's ISP smtp to send mail!! why cant i send through MY smtp? I've never experienced this before.

    I tried changing the smtp anway to send an urgent email and thunderbird went through its processes the email was never received. I sent to test to myself after hearing this news, again the email never came through.

    Any ideas guys?
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    It is irrelevant which SMTP you use. I have several email accounts from different ISPs, but I SEND all emails from all accounts using the same SMTP (the one from my broadband provider). That is also the only SMTP that is available to me as long as I connect via that ISP!
    So, in your case you need to use the SMTP from your shared connection.
  3. Nodsu

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    As RealBlackStuff said.

    To combat spam, all correctly configured SMTP servers on the internet accept mail for sending only from a select range of computers. So for example, your ISP's SMTP server will only accept mail from computers connected to that ISP's network.

    Furthermore, an ISP can block all SMTP connections to anywhere but their own SMTP server to force everyone to go through their mail gateway. (This is what is happening now.)
  4. jobeard

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    The intent is to stop Open Mail Relay as much as possible and thus limit the
    spam generated on the net. This is actually doing you (and all the rest of us) a grand favor :)
  5. jasper1106

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    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the explanation. So there's no way I can change this?

    I don't know about favour because about 70% of my emails yesterday never reached their destination! This is most worrying as most of my work is done through email so as you can imagine I am losing a massive amount of revenue purely because the ISP smtp server is so unreliable. What would be my best course of action from here?

    It would seem emails with attachments are also getting filtered.
  6. Nodsu

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    First, you can't realy on e-mail ariving the same day. Yes, usually it is a matter of seconds, but a single server hickup can delay delivery by several hours. Also, there is this very clever anti-spam measure called greylisting that delays unknown mail deliberately.

    Second, are you sure you configured the right SMTP server and that you configured the Thunderbird correctly and that the ISP server is to blame?

    Also, your mail could have just been flagged as spam and plain simply killed somewhere on the way. Especially with business mail one has to take care that the letters don't look like spam.
  7. jasper1106

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    Thanks for your quick reply bud.

    Thunderbird is configured correctly with the right Smtp. I have a horrible feeling you are probably right that my ISP is caching as spam. Although each and every email is written individually just like you were emailing a friend. So in no way shape or form is there any hidden meaning in the messages. But it makes sense to assume this is whats happening as a small majority of messages are getting through.

    I have run a variety of tests today. Asked a friend to reply to each mail I sent, consecutively numbered 1 - 5. Only 3 of those 5 emails made it to his inbox. The body consisted of test1, test2, test3 extra.

    So you can see my problem, this is most frustrating! I wouldn't mind if none of them were getting through!

    I have resorted to receiving mail on Thunderbird and replying to email through my servers Webmail facility. Which is more than a little inconvenient, but not as inconvenient as email going missing.
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