Please Help!! Cant play any lan games

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Nov 20, 2004
  1. Ive tried many games such as Counter Strike, Starcraft, Halo, LOTR, and Diablo 2 and i cant play any lans games. Please tell me what i can do to fix this.
    I am connected to a lan by the way and the games are the same version as every1 else.
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    If you have a fiewall installed it could be causing you problems by blocking certain ports that are needed by certain games. I would give that a try first, turn off your firewall. Then post back if you are still having problems.

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    hey mate .
    can u make sure if u enabled IPX and NETBUI.
    specialy in win9x/me the gaes couldnt start withuot enabeling those stuffs
    to enbale then in winx/me just go to my "My Network Places" and choose properties and then chose "add" button and from the left list chose "protocol" and u will see in the list something called "IPX/SPX-compatible protocol" then click ok and re-do the same oparation and this time add "netbui"
    restart and try to join games over your network
    N.B. : sorry abt my weak lang
  4. Overmind1632

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    Ive tried both and still they dont work. It only works when i plug a ethernet cable directly into another computer. When i created a game, my friend can join but when he creates, i can see the game but cant join. On Counterstrike it said, "Lan Servers are restricted to Local Clients (Class C) and Net_sendPacket Error: WSAEINVAC". THis is only when the two computres are connected by a cable. After i pluged backed into the lan, and same problem, no games so up and no one can see my games. Please help.
  5. Sneeky27

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    Are You Using XP If So Do This

    Well If You HaveXP Go Into Your Network settings and install nwlink THis is the protocol used to access lan games. :giddy:
  6. Sneeky27

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    Try This

    enable netbios over tcpip
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