Please Help me (Dell Laptop w/ XP)

By HellRell
Jul 5, 2007
  1. Ok, I am really looking for some help.
    I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 Laptop with wireless Cable Internet.
    I use the modem provided by the cable company and a Netgear Router.
    I have had the computer for 2 years and never had many problems. Last week I started getting "page not responding" errors in Internet Explorer. Then, when I was using the internet it wasnt loading correctly. For example, on Google Homepage only half of the word GOOGLE would load. I couldnt get on some sites and others were taking a long time to load and not even loading right. SO, it seemed like Norton was interferring with my browsing so I tried to delete it. I tried add/remove and I tried their removal tool...nothing worked and I just started getting more and more errors. I put in the Windows CD that came with the computer and tried the repair selection, I also tried system restore and nothing worked. SO, I installed a new blank windows (XP) and I installed the drivers that came with the laptop. (I actually tried a friends CD for Windows Xp Professional also) I now have XP loaded and working pretty good. It doesnt seem 100% because the internet is shaky. I often have to turn off the router and reset the cable modem to get it to work (usually about 3 times a day). Any ideas on this? ALSO, when I boot the computer it assumes I want the XP Professional which I didnt even finish loading. The list of three Operating Systems comes up and I have to select the new install that I did. It then takes about 20 minutes to load windows.
    How can I delete the other 2 versions that I have installed?
    Any ideas about the Internet problems?
    Any way to see what drivers I still need (for example, when I turn the volume up and down it used to display it on the screen, now it doesnt anymore)
    PLEASE HELP me if you can.
    I really appreciate it! I am hoping to keep this laptop and not have to get a new one but I am getting very frustrated.
    THANK YOU so much!
  2. Ididmyc600

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    Where to start ????

    If your internet is shaky, the first port of call should be your ISP to see if there are any known issues with the system...dont always assume the fault is your end, 9 times out of 10 its the ISP that are having trouble...

    To late for you though and now you have a messed up OS and still have a shaky Internet connection.. this proves that either your equipment (hardware such as router or wireless NIC) is faulty or as I said the fault is with the ISP.

    All ISP's have a support forum somewhere, NTL for instance where I am have a Newsgroup and a website called "The Chetnet Forum" .

    If you have multiple OS's loaded as you do there are 2 choices.

    1) a complete reformat of the Hard drive, done by booting from a WIndows CD and choosing to delete all the partitions on the drive.

    2) right click my computer and choose properties and advanced then 3rd box down is the startup and recovery settings, in there you can choose which OS to boot make sure you choose the right one if you dont you will have to manually edit a file called the boot.ini from a command console, you dont want to end up doing that so make sure you choose the right OS.

    Missing Drivers...

    Dell have a full website here where you can find all the drivers for your laptop.

    Hope this helps some...

  3. HellRell

    HellRell TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 18

    I was able to set it so that it boots from the one I want.
    How can I delete the other two without getting rid of the one I use now?
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