Please help, my screen is bleeding!!!!

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brought my toshiba satellite 135-s2356 home from school. i booted it up and my screen is full of red dots and lines, the pixels are completely red. wtf is going on? what could cause this and how do i fix it?


something tells me you're having a driver problem, the screen is dying, or the graphics chip is damaged.

for now, download the latest driver for your graphics chip.

if that doesn't work, then it might just be that while you were carrying it, you inadvertently broke something, a.k.a. broke the screen or fudged up the graphics chip. and that's an expensive repair.

up to a few hundred dollars if that's the case.


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if it was a dell laptop I would say the video chip is damaged. this probably applys to the toshiba as well. if you have a diagnostic cd try to boot and run it. maybe it can tell you where the fault comes from.
else the driver update would be an idea.... yes

cheers, mscrx
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