PLEASE HELP!!!networking laptop to desktop

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Apr 6, 2007
  1. i am having the worst time with networking my desktop to my laptop. the hardware aspect of it is fine, my laptop can work on the network and can be recognized by my desktop but will not allow me to file and print share anything back and forth. i have tried setting the local secuirty to classic, i have ran the setup a network for home and small business, and setup for wireless network but it still will not allow me to share files between one another. can ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME cause i am beyong confused.
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    You need to answer some additional questions. It sounds like you are using a wireless router to connect the laptop to your network? Which router are you using? What operating systems are you using? Have you set up your File Sharing on the folders? The networking experts in this forum will need to know at least this information (and possibly more) before replying.
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    i am using a belkin wireless g router, both have xp sp2 but one has media center edition as well, not sure if that makes a difference,i have setup file sharing on the folders that i want to share, and my desktop can recognize my laptop in the workgroups but my laptop cannot recognize the desktop. i am aware i need to change some setttings in the firewalls, but am not 100% sure which ones and also i know i need to setup the same ip addresses on both but am not sure as well. or i am be wrong with both. i hope this is enough info if u need more specify which info u need most.

    peace ya'l
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    Your firewall (on all systems) needs to open specific ports to allow
    the traffic for print/file sharing(PFS).

    typically, when you have a router, we setup to allow PFS to/from all our
    LAN systems. If you allow a friend to connect to your router, you may wish
    to restrict PFS to only YOUR systems.

    IF your router address is, then your LAN will be all addresses
    from thru

    To find your system names in Network Groups, you need port 135 open:
    allow in/out, tcp/udp, source and dest ip port 135

    To allow file sharing we need ports, 139,445:
    allow in/out, tcp/udp, source and dest ip port 139,445

    To allow print spooling to another system we need port 631:
    allow in/out, tcp/udp, source and dest ip port 631
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    can't get acssess into internet using tp-link

    can sm one help, i can't get in to the internet even though my wireless tp-link is connected,

    why is that?
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