Please help! New dell "page fault in non page area" error :(

By sach_160
Aug 13, 2006
  1. hi i just got a new dell laptop with its crappy setup HD partitioned:

    1st partition: dell utility 80mb
    2nd partition: c 60gb ACTIVE
    3rd partition: d backup 38 gb
    4th partition: something that restores to dell crap setup 2gb

    I repartitioned using PM8 (with intended use in brackets) to:

    1st partition - dell utility 80mb
    2nd partition c - 20gb (current audio projects and XP system files) ACTIVE
    3rd partition d - 40 gb (samples)
    4th partition e - 2gb (Audio software)
    5th partition f - 15gb (XP and other software + unallocated at end)

    and then tried reinstalling windows xp + sp2 from cd to the f drive (with system files on the active c drive) - with the intention of afterwards, wiping the current dell xp setup c drive....

    Unfortunately XP crashes during the install half way through the 'registering components' stage with the message:

    "page fault in non paged area"

    a load of blurb with the suggestion of turning off shadow and cached in bios and then:

    Stop 0x00000060 (0x0EB00000, 0x00000001, 0x805695E8, 0x00000000)

    now i did a bit of digging and in event viewer in administrative tools. under system there are some nice red "x"es for when my system blue screened.

    For the 3 crashes during installation the error it says is- source:ntfs catagory: disk event: 55
    for the latest crash in windows xp it says - source:service control manager catagory: none event:7036

    This crashing has happened 3 times - twice in my attempts to install xp on new g drive, and once just now while running the functioning xp from c drive.

    Any suggestions?

    Has my partitioning using PM8 gone wrong somewhere? Should I delete this half installed xp on the g drive (and how? is it just a matter of select and delete?), delete my PM8 partitions, and try to partition when asked in xp reinstallation instead... or should i call dell tech help and cry?

    please someone help :(
  2. hnsexeter

    hnsexeter TS Rookie Posts: 43

    I would use your Dell disk to reinstall XP and remove all your partitions so you just have 1 (c)

    Once XP is installed you can use disk manager in XP to then split your disk up to the partitions you want.

    I've had trouble with new XP partitions on drive letters other than C, but that method seems to do the trick

  3. sach_160

    sach_160 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks for the tip

    i decided to reinstal xp, formatting the hard drive and letting xp create partitions - this has seem to work fine.

    I'm going to stay away from Partition Magic - to me it's proved to be extremely unreliable - I had problems partitioning a new external hasrd drive with it too - a warning to all, stay away from partition magic!

    I'm using Acronis to manage partitions/resize clusters etc - it seems to be working well...
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