please help / pc not working

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Oct 28, 2005
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    help/ pc not working


    My pc does not work because i got a virus called "the sun virus"" I got it from downloading a dvd burner program from I need some help trying to get my computer back in order if there is anyone out there please help!!!

    :initially error was a "bad image" in .dll files ruined all my run32dll files.
    :would not allow me to access the internet
    :Initially the image on the onitor worked but when i turned the computer off and the pc turns on but no bios screen appears and my monitor does not turn on
    :my monitor works because i am using it on my second computer.
    :"the sun virus" may be a worm i am not to positive and it destroyed

    can my pc be fixed ? or is it beyond repair?

    computer specs 900 mhz Amd Fic motherboard az11 ( first international) Ati rage 2 512 memory stick. windows xp professional, 80 gb hard drive
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    if you know how
    unplug from wall
    pull the hard drive from machine,pull the graphics card out
    clear the cmos (little jumper on motherboard)
    remove all but 1 stick of memory,(if you only have 1 oh well)
    replace the graphics card. plug it in and boot up
    should get a bios boot screen
    if you don't you may need to have the memory tested and or graphics card,more'n liklely the memory.
    if it does boot to bios screen
    replace the hard drive boot again
    you may need to reformat the hard drive
    got the OS disc handy ?
    it is rare ,but some virus's do fry hardware mostly the memory
    in some cases it will attack the bios on motherboard
    I don't think thats the case here.
  3. Tedster

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  4. Tedster

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    almost no viruses fry memory. This hasn't happened since the VIC20 computer when a code could be accessed to overheat a chip.

    Viruses can screw up your system files and wreck havoc on your hard disk and operating system. They can also format your data and delete/erase files as well as transmit private information. They can also dial 1-900 #s (for porn), and manipulate your hard disk so if you ignore it it will mechanically break over time (mind you this is a long time.) They can also lock you out of the computer and reboot your system over and over.

    But frying a system is exceptionally rare and hasn't really occurred since 8bit computers ( and certain systems at that)
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    I notice you posted this same question in four different categories in these forums. I recommend you only post once to avoid confusion with those trying to answer your question.
  6. KingCody

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    how do you know you have this virus and what makes you think you got it from CNET? they claim to have a very secure, adware/spyware/malware free site, i find it hard to believe that you got that problem from CNET.

    anyways, have you tried booting from the OS cd/dvd and repairing? (after clearing CMOS to get bios working again, and select default or optimized settings)
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