Please help - Printer Error Message - Windows 98

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I have received a brand new printer - Dell 1700n - installed yesterday. I keep receiving the error message: "There was an error writing to LPT1: for the printer. The printer is not ready. Make sure it is turned on and online."

This is the same error message I received from the last printer, which was replaced yesterday. Dell thought a brand new printer would fix the problem.

I have tried everything: install, uninstall, reinstall, power off, shut down, change ports, checked USB cables - NOTHING IS WORKING.

Dell is telling me I might need a new motherboard for my computer?


Thank you!
WIN 98 Printer Problem

Have you thought about upgrading your OS to Windows XP? I shouldn't imagine that you need a new motherboard as this will be your last action to take if all else fails(Dell's moneymaking scheme). Have you also tried formatting your harddrive and putting a clean copy of win 98 on? Have you tried downloading the latest drivers for your motherboard and printer etc? Have you tried changing USB cables ? Hope i've given you an idea.


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Thank you, Mark. All helpful - I will try your suggestions. The only other issue that makes me believe it is not my computer is that two computers share the printer - although it is not a netork printer. Access is shared using the USB cables.

However, both systems operate on Windows 98, so, maybe we both need to upgrade!

Thanks again.
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