Please Help! RAID 0 failure and I know nothing

By CluelessKevin
Nov 26, 2005
  1. First of all, I did not back up important data. I am dumb. I know this. I have learned a lesson. Now, This is whats up. I have a RAID 0 configuration and one of the drives isn't working. I did the recovery console (1) chkdsk /r it said one or more areas are unrecoverable. Then I did (2) chkdsk /p and it said the same. The biggest worry is can I recover the striped data? It seems as if the drive malfunctioned, but my data is still there right? What can I do to get the data back? What am I looking at for cost? Are music, photos, videos (particularly the wedding videos my wife is freaking about) worth the effort to try and recover this info? Any advice would be appreciated. Please don't tell me what I have already learned which is don;t be lazy and not back up data!

    I should note: THis all started from the big blue screen that said Unmountable Boot Volume
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