Please help to restore my old old XP configuration

By LeeRex
Dec 26, 2007
  1. I've had a computer for many years and have never had to take it to a tech before. But I've managed to get myself into a fix that I can't seem to get out of. In order to fix a relatively minor problem, I chose to do a "repair install" at the suggesstion of someone on another forum. After all, my C: drive was completely backed up to my G: drive via Norton Ghost. I thought I could just stream everything back on to C:. In the process of reinstallation from the XP disk I mistakenly pressed the wrong key and accidentally created a drive F:!

    I used to be set up this way.
    C: was the "local" boot drive
    G: was my back up drive
    F: drive was labled "removable".

    Thanks to my mistake it now looks like this:
    F: is the "local" boot drive
    G: is still the backup,
    C: is now labled "removable" even though all my files are still there. When I try to access C: it tells me to insert disk. Of course, that's impossible.

    Because of all this, I cannot boot from C: nor access G: nor boot from the Norton CD to get to the "repair environment". I've tried a number of "tech" sites and scoured the Microsoft Knowledge Base with no results. I'm simply trying to return to my original configuration or to put it another way, undo what I've so foolishly done.

    I've included my system stats in the srop down menu. I hope this is enough but if not, let me know. I'll try to provide whatever you need. Thank you all in advance.
  2. rf6647

    rf6647 TS Maniac Posts: 829

    First a caution – wait for a real expert.

    Inability to boot with Ghost CD – please confirm boot sequence from the bios.
    F: drive – please describe if this is physically on disk 1 (slave on primary ide)
    C: drive – How do you substantiate the all files are intact?
    Please comment for differences between views: MyComputer versus Disk Management.
    “Request to Insert Disk” could be a request for the WinXP CD.
    You are silent about any change you have observed on the boot screen. The Windows restore just performed should have added the choice of the added Windows XP environment.

    I have experienced a case where the Recovery Console (and by extension the Window XP CD) reach into the Registry and declare my slave drive as C: and my master as E:. I do not recall if ‘removable’ was involved.

    You are not clear if the original problem was seen as a failure to start Windows, or just some non-specific slowness or glitches.

    It would be maddening to think that the Win XP CD is not bootable at this point. It would seem that repeating the Windows restore and directing it to Disk 0 (size difference may confirm proper selection) could get you to your immediate goal.

    [edit] This suggestion assumes that the new install of Windows was "mistakenly" added to disk 1. [/edit]
    If you truly want to get back to old, old, then try something more radical.
    If your master drive was bootable before all this, and if no new failure has crept in, then remove the slave drive, and select proper placement of jumpers (if needed) on the master, and give it a try.

    An expert may offer an easier solution. It probably involves how the bios enumerates the devices and presents the environment to Windows.

    [edit] The manner in which the Window restore 'mistakenly' identified the drive as F: is causing Windows plug-n-play to assign the first vacant drive letter to the CDROM drive. C: is the first available drive letter. Disk Management will confirm this. [/edit]
  3. drpepper55

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    Not sure if this will help or if this is still a viable solution, but have you tried the system restore (wizard) and restoring to a point prior to you doing this repai install and see if you can get your machine back to a state as it was prior to this? Best to you, I hope this helps and is still an option for you...Let us know...
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