Please help with ram im a total noob

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Aug 2, 2005
  1. Hello I have a Dell Dimension 8250 with 512mb of ram i have never even had the case open. i need some help i wanna upgrade to at least a gig so what do i need to do? please can someone give me some detailed instructions i have money just needs to know what to do.
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    im srry let me rephrase that i have no idea about speeds and stuff i do stuff inside my older ones all the time but i know ram has differnt speeds and stuff ive installed modems video cards cd drives i just never messed with memory.
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    ok thanks that was helpful so to clear things up does the new ram i get (im gonna get 2 256mb to fill the last two ports) have to be the same speed as the other two? what about the same brand it says as pairs so im assuming that i get 2 256 of and kind with the proper amout of pins and put them in the other port i will then have 1 gig of ram?
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    To make sure about compatibility, some RAM manufacturer's website's have a memory matching feature on them. Plug in your brand and model and see what your options are.
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    First of RDRAM is very touchy. It comes in two speeds (i think) 800 and 1066. Anyways, you will need to fin out the speed of the ram currently in there, (400 or 533Mhz) and you can check by using a program like CPU-Z or Everest at home.
    Then you will ned to buy matched pairs (same manufacter, model, speed.)


    BTW i know crucial has one of those memory finder programs
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