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By John Dangelo
Aug 9, 2005
  1. Anyone that can help me with this I would greatly appreciate. My computer is under attack and it seems to be getting worse as the hours roll by! My business manager seemed to download some type of trojan horse and I can't do my deals. All of a sudden he got a background saying the computer was infected and to click here to purchase software to remove it and I won't remember the homepage. Here is the Hijack this log:

    Please help! Thanks in Advance. Gary
  2. PanicX

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    It appears that you've picked up some sort of virus, I can't tell which but you can still try to remove it.

    First things first, unplug the computer from the network.
    Next, reboot the computer into safemode.
    You can get into safe mode by press "F8" just as windows start to load.
    Once you are in safe mode, click Start -> Run and type: msconfig
    click "OK"
    From this window, select the tab labeled startup, and uncheck all the items listed there.
    Next, you'll want to disable System Restore. You can do this at the system properties applet from the control panel.

    Reboot your computer and scan your system for viruses.
    If your scan is clean, then i'd recommend reconnecting the network cable and downloading a free antivirus like the one available at and rescanning your system. You can also visit to scan your system if you don't want to install a different antivirus.

    You may also want to scan your PC with Spybot to remove any malware/spyware that may also be on your computer.
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  4. John Dangelo

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    Thanks for the help guys,

    I tried the trend-micro scan after reading other posts but it kept telling me the scan could not be run on this computer because of some type of file. I can't remember exactly what. Anyway, I can't seem to locate this little bugger or key in on exactly what type of trojan horse it is so yesterday I started the process to reimage the hard drive. I reloaded everything , reset Ip address, etc. All seems well so far.

    Thanks again!
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