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Please Help!!

By Sarcazmo
Sep 13, 2005
  1. Hi
    i just upgraded my pc to a 7.1 system and the sound for movies and games are awesome,it is full duplex as it works great when chatting on yahoo messenger but when it come;s to msn messenger it just wont work at all,i have tried everything possible that i know of yet nothing is working with msn messenger with it,so i thought it was the sound card n sent it back n got another n the same thing happens i can talk but no one can hear me,i have a asus p4p800 and the onboard c ard works with msn fine but any sound card i put in ,it just wont work,,i have disabled the onboard card in bios n yet the same thing,no audio on msn,,,i have uninstalled msn and again the same thing,,i cannot at all connect to the audio as i the other person gets a messege saying it;s not able to connet to my system as it is not compatible,it only works-ish when i do both audio and video at the same time,,i have read n re-read about full and half duplex n that someneed to be put into fiull as they come only half by the manufacturer,,but i am clueless on this ,could anyone please sound card is trust 7.1 Surround Sound Card SC-7200
    thanks for any help :)
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