Please Help :((

By vamiola
Jan 12, 2006
  1. :(( I got a new sonys dvd rewritable drive, and the store guy said that they are giveing it from the stocks(it was not in any box or anything,just the drive, i am really worried about that) ..... so when i installed it , it read cds , but when i inserted a blank dvd , nothing happend and when opened my computer there was no dvd drive - the label was "cd drive" now and "f:/ is not accessible ". then i insterted the OEM suit cd i got with it , , same thing nothing happened . PLEASE HELP ME , PLEASE :((
  2. iss

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    what burner software did you install? and when you installed the Burner did you make sure the jumper was correctly set?

    Personally I would not take a bare drive from a retail store since it is highly likely it may have been a returned drive.
  3. vamiola

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    i couldn't help it , that's what he had , anyway i think i will go back to him am get it replaced or something. but still .... i put the jumper ( you mean the master slave thingy?) to slave . and when i inserted the Nero OEM suit cd , i have the same problem(the dvd drives label turns into "cd-drive", and it says it is not accessible)
  4. iss

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    if the burner is on the IDE cable by itself it should be set to master. ( if there is another optical device like a DVD ROM on the same calbe the burnewr should still be set to master adn the rom to slave.) also check in device manager under ATA ATAPI Controllers and check the IDE channel the drive is on. under the advanced tab it should show it is operating in DMA2 not PIO.

    it sounds like either the drive has a problem or you have a conflct with whatever else is on the IDE cable with the drive. double check that the other drive isnt set to slave as well.
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