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By Spike
Sep 18, 2005
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  1. A freind of mine has a Sony Vaio pcg-fx101 and asked me to take a look at it in terms of upgrading. It's still in it's factory condition, both in terms of the condition of it and the hardware.

    I've advised her that at 600Mhz, with only 64MB of RAM and a 10 GB HDD, it's probably not going to suit her needs for much longer and can't really take XP comfortably without extra ram - the avilability and cost of which I have no idea of.

    She asked me how much she could get for it, to which my honest reply was "I don't know - I know very little about the value of all things laptop, but I'll ask around."

    So, can anybody put a value on this thing?

    Also, can anybody tell me how much a halfway decent second-hand laptop goes for these days? (min spec: comfortably runs XP, does some photo editing and can play video, reasonable storage space, and doesn't take three hours to load when it's installed properly)
  2. vnf4ultra

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    I don't know what a used laptop is worth, but it should be worth a few hundred dollars if it's in good condition and everything works ok. That said, you can get a cheapo dell for like $600usd now, not that it's great, but better than what you have to work with.
    The 1200 is currently $550 usd.
    It's very basic(celeron m, 256mb ram, 30gb hd), but enough to run xp, and it plays dvds and can burn cds.

    The ram looks like 144 pin pc133 so dimm memory. The laptop takes a max of 2 256mb sticks.
    Here's some. ~$40usd

    I installed xp on a pc with a 800mhz cpu and either 160 or 192mb of ram and it ran ok. Not blazing, but useable.
  3. IronDuke

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    Secondhand laptop

    Hi! Spike really difficult to put a value on it. I feel you'd be doing well if you got a ton for it.

    As for secondhand laptops this may give you some ideas Computer Exchange


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